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ZWO Off Axis Guider Adapter Mk II


Quick Overview


The ZWO Off Axis Guider Adapter Mk II is a revised edition of the popular ZWO OAG, offering a tab more adjustment possibilities than the original.

Lightweight and beautifully machined
16.5mm thickness
Large prism: 8x8mm (actually, it's a mirror)
Allows the use of a guide camera in off axis position next to the main imaging camera, without the need for a guide scope.
Flexible adaptation to your camera and telescope via T2 (M42*0.75) and M48 threads
Fully compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras, but please contact us about which ZWO cameras we recommend for guiding. (The ASI174 chip is a bit too big for this mirror, so there will be strong vignetting in the guide image, therefore we'd recommend to use cameras with smaller chip for guiding).
Good stability, robust connection to the telescope
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The ZWO Off Axis Guider Adapter is ideal for autoguiding larger and longer focal length telescopes, where a traditional guidescope would be inpractical to mount or insufficient in terms of focal length to guide large telescopes. Particularly of use to those with large Cassegrain telescopes, the ZWO Off Axis Guider Adapter provides a rigid mount for an autoguiding camera, which can be adjusted in 3 axes in order to get a perfect focus and lock on a guide star, via its periscopic prism.


Lightweight, 16.5mm thickness
Large prism:8.8mm width
Connect the main imaging camera and the guide camera. No guide scope required!
Flexible adaption to your camera and telescope - M42 and M48.
Fully compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras and many other guide cameras
Good stability, makes strong connection to the telescope, minimising flex

What's in the box (see above image labeled 1-6 for different attachments):

  1. 1.25” holder for 1.25″ size body guide camera

  2. 5mm T2 extender for ASI guide camera whose back focus distance is 12.5mm such as  ASI120, ASI224MC, ASI290 etc..

  3. M42 adapter for main imaging camera

  4. M48 adapter for main imaging camera

  5. OAG body with M48 telescope adapter

  6. M42 adapter for telescope

Hw to use it:

1.   start with caculating the correct required distance for your imaging train.

for example: you need to attach 21mm extender to ASI071 to reach 55mm back focus distance:17.5mm+21mm+16.5mm=55mm

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