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ZWO Duo-Band Dual-Bandpass Narrowband Imaging Filter - 1.25"


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The ZWO Duo-Band Dual-Bandpass Narrowband Imaging Filter - 1.25" is designed for those astrophotographers with DSLRs or One Shot Colour Cameras, who want to combat light pollution and principally image nebulous objects, without resorting to purchasing a specialist Mono camera. This filter is optimised for transmission at Hydrogen Alpha (656nm) and Oxygen III (500nm) wavelengths.

Check out the "before and after" pictures in the product image gallery to see how this filter can give you a real step up in quality of subexposures, ultimately leading to better final images.
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Size: Standard 1.25”
Thickness: 1.85 mm
Bandwidth: HA (15nm) OIII (35nm)
Surface quality: 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)
Schott substrate material
More than 90% transmission at major OIII line 486.nm1, 496nm and 501nm.
More than 80% transmission at Ha line 656.3nm

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