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ZWO ASI1600MM-C + EFWMini + 1.25" H-alpha + RGBL BUNDLE


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Please note: this item is now discontinued and has been replaced with the ASI1600 Pro systems

ZWO ASI1600MM-C + EFWMini + 1.25" H-alpha + RGBL BUNDLE. This kit is an ideal option for those dealing with heavy light pollution - the RGB filters take care of colour synthesis and the H-Alpha filter is ideal for use with as a luminance filter for those with poorer skies. The ZWO ASI1600MMC is a 4/3″ CMOS sensor monochrome camera, which will perform extremely well with many different telescopes and camera lenses (Canon EOS adapters are available as an optional extra). If you're running a telescope with a focal ratio of f/5 or above, then these filters will be a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive 31mm or 36mm options.
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ZWO ASI1600MM-C + EFWMini + 1.25" H-alpha + RGBL BUNDLE

ZWO has packaged the popular ASI1600MM-COOLED Astronomy Camera with their NEW 1.25″ Electronic Filter Wheel and their NEW 1.25″ RGBL Filter Set. These filters have been designed specifically for this camera to maximise the output of the camera. A perfect set up for deep sky imaging!


ZWO EFWMini NEW 5-position 1.25″ Electronic Filter Wheel
ZWO NEW 1.25″ RGBL Filter Set designed for ASI1600 series
ZWO NEW 1.25" H-alpha 7nm narrowband deepsky filter
This is an exciting moment as with this NEW ZWO ASI1600MM-C camera ZWO made its debut into the DSO imager camera market.

The ZWO ASI1600MM COOLED camera is an excellent choice for imaging deep sky objects, however it can do much more than that. With a max framerate of 23 FPS this camera can also be used as an extremely high resolution planetary imager. If you cannot decide if your thing is deep sky or planetary imaging, go for this camera. It is also a much more affordable alternative to converting a dSLR.

This version also comes with built-in active cooling that helps to reduce electronic noise to the minimum.

You can even use it for guiding, although we understand that it is somewhat a waste of a talent to use it for guiding, but there might be special circumstances or setups when you would want to use it for guiding, so the opportunity is there, should you need it.

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