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Bresser Arcturus 60/700 AZ Telescope carbon texture


Quick Overview


  • The Arcturus refractor telescope with wide range of accessories is the perfect starter set for the exploration of our solar system

  • Telescope for night and solar observation

  • With smartphone adapter to take images of the moon with your smartphone

  • Achromatic Refractor; Lens Diameter: 60 mm; Focal length: 700 mm.

  • Tube length: 700 mm, rack-and-pinion focuser

  • Complete set for beginners

  • Dimensions: 1225x870x800 mm Weight: 2.35 kg

  • What's included: telescope, azimuthal mount, LED finderscope, solar filter, 3x Barlow lens, star diagonal, eyepieces (31.7 mm): 4mm, 20mm, aluminum tripod with accessory tray, astronomy software, smartphone camera adapter, starmap, user manual

  • Magnification with included accessories: 35x, 105x, 175x, 525x

  • Astronomy software for easy start

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Even modern refractors are effectively classical lens systems and a diameter of 60mm with a focal length of 700 mm yields excellent image quality. The alt-azimuth mounting with vertical adjustment and rugged aluminium tripod perfectly compliments this beginners' telescope. After all, a telescope is only as good as the sum of its parts and good optics are nought without a stable platform.

The operation of the alt-azimuth mount allows the quick navigation of the celestial bodies in our solar system such as the moon or the nearer planets. The bundled accessories and the astronomy software encourage beginners to rapidly achieve success with the star map helping to locate stars and objects during observation.

The inclusion of a smartphone camera holder enables you to share the brighter night sky objects with your family and friends.


  • Beginner's set with all necessary accessories to start immediately observing

  • Optical system: achromatic refractor

  • Alt-azimuth mount

  • Astronomy software for an easy start into astronomy even for absolute beginners


  • Telescope

  • Alt-azimuth mount

  • LED viewfinder

  • Barlow lens 3x

  • Diagonal mirror

  • Eyepieces (31,7 mm): 4mm, 20mm

  • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray

  • Astronomy software (download version)

  • Smartphone camera adapter

  • Starmap

  • Manual

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