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Skywatcher Explorer-150 EQ3 Pro Synscan 150MM (6") f/7.5 Computerised Goto Parabolic Newtonian Telescope


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Skywatcher Explorer-150 EQ3 Pro Synscan 150MM (6") f/7.5 Computerised Goto Parabolic Newtonian Telescope
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The Sky-Watcher EXPLORER-150P is a fantastic choice for intermediate astronomers and also the serious beginner. With a large 150mm of light gathering aperture combined with superb parabolic optics, this telescope is a highly capable all-rounder with excellent performance for the observation of the Moon, bright planets, nebulae, galaxies and star clusters.

  • Magnification (with eyepiece supplied): x30

  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x300

  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 150mm

  • Telescope Focal Length: 750mm (f/5)

  • Eyepieces Supplied (2"): 28mm LET eyepiece

  • Parabolic Primary Mirror 0.5mm

  • Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports

  • 6x30 Finderscope

  • Direct SLR Camera Connection

  • EQ3 PRO SynScan Computerised GOTO Equatorial Mount (Requires 12 volt DC Power Supply)

  • 42,900+ Object database containing complete Messier, NGC, and IC catalogues.

  • Built-in Dual-Axis Stepper Motors

  • Built-in Polar Alignment Scope Holder

  • Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray

  • 33% more Light Gathering than 130mm 

PLEASE NOTE: The Motor Control box supplied (situated left of handset in above picture) is designed to clamp onto 1.75” Diameter Stainless Steel Pipe tripod legs. In this instance the Motor Control Box should be attached with either cord or Velcro (Not Supplied)

PARABOLIC PRIMARY MIRRORS Features High Quality Parabolic Primary Mirrors to eliminate spherical aberrations inherent in 'fast' focal lengh reflectors with spherical primary mirrors. The mirrors are parabolized to bring all the light rays to the same focal point to give sharp, constrasty images, which are full of detail.

SKY-WATCHER DELUXE MIRROR COATINGS Most reflectors today usually have a coat of aluminium as the mirror surface and then an overcoat of silicon monoxide or silicon dioxide to protect it. Silicon dioxide produces a much more durable coat than silicon monoxide but requires specialized equipment to apply it and is therefore more expensive. Protection is needed, because in most reflectors, the mirror is open to the elements and deterioration of the reflective layer reduces the resolution of the telescope.

ALL Sky-Watcher reflectors are Multi-Coated with Silicon Dioxide as standard for Optimum Durability and Long Term Performance.

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