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BRESSER Pollux 150/750 EQ3 Telescope with Solar-Filter


Quick Overview

  • Dual use Telescope for conventional night-time astronomical and day-time solar observation, aimed at beginners

  • Optical system: parabolic Newtonian Reflector

  • Full aperture CE aproved Solar-filter and Smartphone camera adapter included

  • Objective lens diameter: 150 mm; Focal length: 750 mm

  • Magnification: 37x-562x

  • Mounting: Equatorial EQ-3

  • Included: Telescope with tripod, Solar filter, Smartphone camera adapter, eyepieces, Barlow lens, LED finder, astronomy software, manual

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The BRESSER Pollux 150/750 EQ3 Telescope - now includes a high-quality full aperture Solar filter for safe observation of sunspots, eclipses and planet transits. 

The Pollux 150/750 EQ3 fetures a relatively large mirror for a beginner's telescope. The scope is a great choice for both planetary, lunar and observation of brighter deep sky objects. The Pollux's 6-inch diameter mirror offers a significant boost in light gathering power, when compared to 5-inch Newtonians around the same price.  The length of the optical tube assembly is kept short, making it easily transportable. The telescope's side-mpunted focuser provides a convenient height to observe from and the mechanics of this focuser are good - also allowing the use of 2-inch eyepieces, as well as standard 1.25" eyepieces and accessories.

The included smartphone camera adapter allows you to take photos and film brighter objects through the telescope and is easy to use, even for those starting out in astronomy.

A red dot LED reflex (non-magnified) finder is also included, that once aligned to the telescope's optical axis, makes poitning the system and finding objetcs simple.


BRESSER have not scrimped on the optics and equipped this telescope with a high-quality parabolic primary mirror. This offers a much better image in sharpness and contrast than a comparable telescope with a simple, more cheaply produced spherical mirror. In addition, this telescope has a particularly large 55mm secondary mirror for ideal illumination of the image field. 

 Please note: Reflecting Newtonian telescopes are very good for astronomical observing of the night sky.  But these telescopes are not well suited for terrestrial observations and nature-watching during daylight hours. Subsequently, we suggest a Bresser refractor (lens) or Cassegrain telescope for landscape and nature observing, which can be easily converted from astronomical use with an erecting diagonal.

NOTE: If you require automatic star tracking, the telescope mount can also be retrofitted with the optional motor set part No. 4951400.


  • Telescope for night and solar observation

  • Optical system: parabolic Newton Reflector

  • Highest practical power: 300x

  • Objective lens diameter: 150 mm 

  • Focal length: 750 mm 

  • Aperture ratio: f/5

  • Large 55mm secondary mirror 

  • Mounting: Equatorial EQ-3

  • Eyepiece diameter: 31.7 mm (1.25")

  • Focuser: 2.0" with adapter for 1.25" eyepiece shaft 

  • Total weight 12.5 kg ; Tube weight 4.6 kg


  • Telescope 

  • Aperture Solar-filter

  • Eyepieces: 4 mm, 20 mm 

  • LED Viewfinder 

  • 3x Barlow lens

  • Smartphone camera adapter

  • Aluminium tripod

  • Accessory tray

  • Software

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