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Meade LX600 ACF 10 inch UHTC Telescope with Starlock


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10" LX600-ACF (f/8) with StarLock

Aperture: 10". Focal Length: 2032mm. Focal Ratio: f/8. UHTC coatings, Giant Field Tripod,
1.25" Diagonal Prism, 26mm Series 4000 Super Plössl Eyepiece.

Pictured with optional X-Wedge.

Telescope House are proud to announce the forthcoming LX600 range: new 10, 12, 14 and 16-inch f/8 ACF fork-mounted telescopes with integrated Starlock technology ensuring extreme pointing and guiding accuracy, with a fully automated Lightswitch-style alignment routine.
New to the LX600 system is also the optional X-Wedge - a precision CNC military grade aluminium construction, offering considerable benefits in terms of stability over traditional cast designs.
The 16" LX600 will also deploy a new wedge, based on the Max Mount system. This is the Max Wedge and is designed to be the first field-transportable system of its size.
Coupled with a brand new f/5 focal reducer, taking any of the range down to a class leading photographic specification, the LX600 throws down the gauntlet to the opposition. Meade have, yet again, pushed the boundaries of manufacturing technology to take amateur astronomy and astrophotography to a new level of convenience, quality and precision.
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Telescope House are proud to announce the forthcoming Meade Instruments LX600 telescopes. Meade have long been at the forefront of technological development when it comes to Astronomical Instruments and the LX600 range continues this tradition, with sights firmly focused on the future. Not content to rest on their laurels after the continued innovation of the Lightswitch, LX80 and LX800 models, Meade have revised their fork mounted range to incorporate many of their most recent advances.

This instrument is the new Meade LX600 ACF 10 inch UHTC Telescope with Starlock, a class-leading f/8 (2032mm focal length) 10" (254mm) Advanced Coma Free system, optimised for both visual and astrophotographic use.
The ACF optics in this system provide an expansive, impressively flat field, with not a touch of Coma - giving the observer pin-sharp edge-to-edge stars. Designed to take into account recent expansion in both imaging sensor size and area and the continued developments in the design of widefield, super-widefield and ultra-widefield eyepieces, the f/8 focal ratio of the LX600 range delivers where rivals cannot. The new f/8 ACFs make the most of the capabilities your peripheral equipment has previously only hinted at. Meade's patented ACF design also eliminates diffraction spikes and other astigmatic optical defects. The LX600 f/8 ACFs come as standard with Meade's legendary Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC coatings) for extremely high-contrast views, maximum light transmission and the minimising of internal reflections. Another innovation is the completely redesigned focusing train, incorporation a Crayford-style, backlash-free bearing system, which completely eliminates the annoyance of mirror shift which has long plagued SCT-style systems with traditional Cassegrain focus arrangements. The new focuser also includes a redesigned focusing knob: a split, two speed system, with a 7-to-1 gear ratio for the most precise manual focus imaginable.

The optical innovations do not end with the instrument itself, as Meade have also turned their attention to the needs of Astrophotographers with a completely redesigned optional f/5 focal reducer/corrector, formulated to the exact prescription of the f/8 ACF system. This helps to reduce astrophotographic exposure times with both DSLRs and dedicated CCD cameras, when compared to traditional SCTs, used with standard f/6.3 focal reducers.

When it comes to pointing accuracy, the LX600's integrated Starlock system provides the kind of automated, self-alignment that has made Meade's preceding Lightswitch series such a success. This proven technology totally eliminates Goto errors or alignment ambiguity, with integrated real-time onboard computer guiding and pointing adjustments, via two alignment cameras: a widefield alignment camera and the larger f/5 80mm fixed focus guiding system. The Starlock system is also able to lock on to stars of up to 11th magnitude and - where atmospheric conditions are favourable - allow a guiding accuracy of 1 second of arc. The benefits of the LX600 as a reliable, integrated fork-mounted system, that doesn't require an additional computer to run its guiding system with will be evident to both amateurs, academic researchers and professional astronomers alike: simply turn on, align and start taking photos!

The LX600 inherits all the benefits of the Meade LX200's Autostar II Goto system: 145000+ objects in its library, fully adjustable slew speeds in RA and Dec: 0.01x to 1.0x sidereal (variable in 0.01x increments; 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal); 1 degree per second to 8 per second (variable in 0.1 increments), and tracking rates which include sidereal, lunar, or custom settings. The AutoStar II controller features convenient "Hot Keys" and the system database can be updated with the latest software upgrades, guided tours and new orbital data of objects (such as comets, satellites etc.)- for free at

A further addition to the LX600 system is the optional X-Wedge - a precision CNC military-grade aluminium construction, offering considerable benefits in terms of stability over traditional cast designs. 30% stiffer than previous models, the X-Wedge allows horizon-to-horizon tracking and eliminates meridian flip, which interrupts tracking and slewing on other equatorial systems. The fully height adjustable (34 to 54" / 86.36cm to 137.16cm) Meade Giant Field Tripod with 3-inch diameter heavy duty legs and spreader bar provides the most solid of foundations for the LX600 10, 12 and 14" systems. Building on the success of the Servo-motor equipped LX200 range, the LX600 also uses the tried and tested 5.75" / 14.60cm gearing for guaranteed accuracy and stability. As a nod to the past, the LX600 also uses a separate fully lockable clutch-based slow motion gearing set for both RA and Dec, with the result that you can use the telescope to manually track in both axis, even when it is not powered.

As standard the LX600 systems come with a medium power 26mm Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl eyepiece, a 1.25" / 3.17cm visual back eyepiece holder and Meade Standard 90° Star Diagonal, 8x50mm Finderscope (featuring a quick release bracket with 6x collimation bolts, and integrated polar reticule). Power to the LX600 is supplied by a 12v 5amp external power supply (may be provided separately).


All LX600-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescopes include
StarLock dual imager integrated full-time autoguider, Ultra
Precision Pointing and Assisted Drift Alignment, GPS Receiver,
Oversized Low-Expansion Borsilicate Primary Mirror, Schott®
Borofloat® Glass Corrector Plate, Diffraction Limited Optics,
Internal Crayford-style Focusing system with 7:1 focus control,
OTA Tube Balance Weight System, AutoStar II handbox with
145,000 object library, Smart Drive with Permanent Periodic
Error Correction (PPEC), Patented Level North Technology
(LNT) Alignment System, 8x50 Viewfinder, AutoStar Suite
Software. AutoStar upgrades available free at

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