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Bresser Skylux 70/900 Refractor Telescope 70mm


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Bresser Skylux 70/900 Refractor Telescope 70mm
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With a Bresser Skylux 70/900 70mm Refractor Telescope. watching the stars is childs play. A complete system for exploring the wonders of the universe, consisting of telescope mount, tripod and all essential accessories. With an aperture of 70mm it is already able to show you a great deal of planetary detail. (Remember that Galileo's original telescope only had a 37mm diameter and he is widely regarded as the most influential astronomer of all time)

At first glance the Skylux NG-mount appears to be a very ordinary Altazimuth (Alt-az) mount; an axis for left and right, up and down as regular photographic tripods function; however the NG-mount has a built-in "wedge" that can tilt the the whole mount toward the celestial pole (The star Polaris is widely used as the celestial pole for all of us in the northern hemisphere). The advatage of this is that you can smoothly track an object in the night sky by turning only one of the slow motion (left - right) controls rather that both (left - right and up - down


Optical Design: Achromatic Refractor
Lens Diameter: 70 mm
Focal length: 900mm f/12.8
Optical Tube: length 950 mm, Ø 110 mm (incl dew shield.)
Eyepiece diameter: 31.7mm (1.25")
Finderscope: 6x25mm
Optical Tube Weight: 1.4kg
Tripod Height: adjustable from 58cm to 101cm
otal weight: 6 kg
Box Dimensions: 80cm x 100cm x 160cm


Telescope Bresser Skylux 70/900
Three eyepieces: 4mm (225x), 12mm (75x) and 20mm (45x)
Height-adjustable aluminum tripod with accessory tray
NG mount, variable equatorial or azimuthal
Viewfinder Telescope 6x25
90 ° diagonal mirror

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