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  1. Altair Starwave 102mm F11 Achromat Refractor Telescope with 2" Crayford Focuser

    Altair Starwave 102mm F11 Achromat Refractor Telescope with 2" Crayford Focuser

    PLEASE NOTE: This product is now discontinued. Those looking for an excellent long focal length Achromatic Refractor are recommended to check out the Bresser Messier AR-102L/1350 Hex-Focus Optical Tube Assembly

    Altair Starwave 102mm F11 Achromat Refractor Telescope with 2" Crayford Focuser - now discontinued.

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  2. Altair Starwave 70ED refractor

    Altair Starwave 70ED refractor

    Altair Starwave 70ED refractor Learn More
  3. Altair 60 EDF Doublet Refractor Telescope

    Altair 60 EDF Doublet Refractor Telescope

    The Altair 60 EDF Doublet Refractor Telescope - a small, highly portable ED doublet, utilising FPL-53 glass for excellent colour correction. Ideal for both low power observation and makes an excellent imaging telescope. Learn More
  4. Altair Starwave ASCENT 80ED F7 Refractor Telescope Geared Focuser

    Altair Starwave ASCENT 80ED F7 Refractor Telescope Geared Focuser

    Featuring Genuine ED optics, the Altair Starwave ASCENT 80mm F7 ED Doublet refractor has an 80mm objective lens capable of both visual observation and wide-field imaging in one telescope. ED optics offer improved colour correction, which produces a higher contrast image, whilst allowing a short, portable telescope tube. All metal. There are no plastic parts, anywhere in this product except for the rear dust cap. Proper Dual Speed Geared focuser with micro focusing (essential for fine detail). The focuser is imaging capable and the rear 2" Focuser pushfit adapter has 3x thumbscrews and a brass compression ring. Diagonal barrels aren't marred, cameras are firmly held and aligned. Flat field fast focal ratio F5.6 imaging with the optional 0.8x field flattener/reducer. Learn More
  5. Altair Ascent 102ED OTA (no finder)

    Starwave ASCENT 102ED F7 Refractor Telescope Geared Focuser (no finder)

    The ASCENT 102mm F7 ED Doublet refractor has all the features you need for enjoyable visual observing and astro-imaging. The ASCENT will deliver both planetary and lunar views, or wide field views of deepsky objects. Genuine broadband multi-coated ED optics give sharp, high contrast views only a refractor can deliver. Colour fringing is minimised, and the moderate F7 focal ratio is ideal for deepsky astro-photography. The machined aluminium tube transmits heat to the optics, which benefits users of dew control systems. It also allows the optics to shed heat rapidly for fast cool-down to the ambient temperature - a must for best performance with any telescope. The ASCENT geared focuser is a delight to use, and the 1:10th ratio fine-focus knob is conveniently set into the larger course focus knob, making adjustment easy and intuitive for the sharpest image. The 2" pushfit adapter has 3x thumbscrews and a brass compression ring. Diagonal barrels aren't marred, accessories are firmly held and aligned. The focuser is tension adjustable and will carry heavy accessories like a large eyepieces, or a camera and filter wheel. For astrophotography, you have two options of focal ratio to suit your target. You can choose to image at a faster F5.6 with the optional 0.8x focal reducer for extended objects such as nebulae, or at the normal F7 focal ratio, with the optional 1.0x field flattener for smaller objects such as globular clusters and galaxies. Learn More
  6. Altair 72 EDF Refractor with Deluxe CNC Dual Speed R&P Focuser, Optical Test Report

    Altair 72 EDF Refractor with Deluxe CNC Dual Speed R&P Focuser, Optical Test Report

    NEW 2018 Version with S-FPL-53 ED Lens available in Deluxe CNC Configuration. - A design refresh! - Improved optics with FPL53 ED Glass - Optical test report (Deluxe version). - Improved geared CNC focuser with rear and front rotator (Deluxe version). - Stand-offs for better balancing with long dovetails / cameras (Deluxe version) - CNC Tube Rings Learn More
  7. Altair Starwave ASCENT 102ED F11 Refractor Telescope Geared Focuser

    Altair Starwave ASCENT 102ED F11 Refractor Telescope Geared Focuser

    The Altair Starwave ASCENT 102ED F11 Refractor Telescope Geared Focuser is optimised for visual observation and imaging of solar system objects. An evolution of the well respected "Red Tube Classic" Starwave 102 Achromat, now with ED optics and better mechanics! The result is improved colour correction and contrast. It a geared focuser replaces the original Crayford style focuser allowing for heavier accessories, and the tube can be broken down offering 270mm of backfocus for binoviewing, or your own custom modifications for solar viewing with a PST module. Learn More
  8. Altair Starwave 102ED FPL53 Refractor

    Altair Starwave 102ED FPL53 Refractor

    The Altair Starwave 102ED FPL53 Refractor is an excellent choice of ethos looking for a high quality visual and photographic ED doublet telescope. It comes with the following features and specifications:

    • Optical tube with air-spaced 102mm F7 Doublet ED lens system (714mm focal length)
    • FPL53 ED (SD) glass element and mating element housed in a precision adjustable CNC machined lens cell with temperature compensation interleaving.
    • Super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) on all air to glass surfaces.
    • Resolving Power (Dawes’ Limit) 1.45 arc seconds
    • Visual Limiting Magnitude 12.2 maximum
    • Weight approx. 4kg, OTA length with dewshield retracted, 68cm.
    • Precision CNC machined components and tube made from light, tough aluminium alloy with matte powder coat and hard anodising.
    • Retractable lens shade / dew shield.
    • 2.5" "Rack 'n Pinion" Geared dual speed focuser with 1:10 micro-focuser.
    • Entire focuser rotates relative to the optical tube for easy photographic composition. 
    • Teflon tension-adjustment screws and Teflon collet ensure focuser rotates smoothly.
    • Self-Centering 2" to 1.25" reducer with brass compression rings included.
    • Front aluminium push-fit lens cap, rear plastic 1.25" dust plug.
    • Standard 1.75" dovetail bar  with stainless steel M6 cap-head screws included.
    • CNC Tube Rings with M6 threaded holes with 30mm spacing, compatible with Altair and most other mounting dovetail plates and bars.
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  9. Altair Wave Series 130 F7 ED Triplet APO

    Altair Wave Series 130 F7 ED Triplet APO

    This Altair Wave Series 130 F7 ED Triplet APO is a new EW 2017 CNC Tube Version with dual speed "Rack 'n Pinion" focuser, Teflon-tipped adjustable rotator, CNC machined internal knife edge baffles, and a self centering 2" adapter. Both the Planostar 1.0x and 0.79x 3" flatteners and reducers can be attached directly to the focuser, by unscrewing the rear self centering assembly. New CNC machined tube rings, CNC machined dewshield with adjustable fit, and a longer dovetail bar are included for easier balancing. An aluminium push-fit dustcap is included for the front lens.

    The Altair Astro 130mm F7 ED Triplet APO refractor uses a 905mm focal length lens cell with Japanese FPL51 ED glass from Ohara which is cpecifically chosen to be free of internal stresses and striae which affect optical quality in large size refractors. 
    Wave Series telescopes have rapidily gained a reputation for performance well above it's price range, especially with visual observers. This is due to a special optical testing and calibration process at the final stages of production, cluminating in the production of a laser interferogram image which is delivered with every telescope. (More info below).
    Suitable for astro imaging or visual use, this is an extremely capable telescope in all areas. The telescope is ideal for serious planetary viewing, enabling faint and subtle details to be observed in high contrast. The moon, Jupiter and Saturn are very good targets for the Wave 130. The optical tube assembly can easily be carried by the Altair Sabre, iOptron iEQ45 or Minitower portable GOTO mounts (please enquire about telescope/mount packages).

    A rigid aluminium tube gives the correct thermal properties for any large airspaced triplet refractor, allowing the use of Kendrick dew control heaters to conduct heat to the optics, and of course quick thermal equalisation and relative freedom from tube currents. This is unlike carbon fibre or other non-metal composite materials which not only get brittle with age and eventually crack, but often hinder thermal equalization because they do not conduct heat away from the optics. Two lightened CNC machined tube rings give a stable mounting platform for astro photography, and a large dewshield (with improved mechanism) delays the onset of dew and keeps dust and pollen away from the objective.

    The new Rack and Pinion dual speed focuser has a smooth teflon lined rotation system, and a self-centering 2" pushfit end-cap. The end cap can be removed to attach the PlanoStar 3" 1.0x Flattener and the Planostar 3" 0.79x reducer by means of a threaded adapter. 
    Two heavy duty tube rings are provided with standard hole patterns to fit most hardware mounting systems on the market including the premium Altair TMS Losmandy-format plates and carry handles.
    We recommend the Altair Astro 60mm Deluxe Finder Scope (see associated products) which is a perfect fit (holes provided) and can double as an autoguider for imaging by adding the Altair Miniguider adapter.
    Wave Series hand-made, calibrated and tested optics:
    AtmosFringe Test Report Altair Wave Series
    The 130mm Wave Series triplet APO optics are carefully finished at the final stages of production and repeatedly tested until signed off by the optician in charge of the production run. Before anti-reflection coating, the lenses are placed on a testplate to assess the deviation from the ideal design curvature and sent back for figuring until the correct curvature is achieved. During assembly, the individual lenses are assembled in the lens cell, marked and rotated and re-centred with reference from a double pass autocollimator. Many iterations are required to get the best alignment and centering combination for each lens because there are 6 glass surfaces to deal with in the case of a triplet lens assembly. Each lens cell is tested each time a small change is made in rotation or centering, or re-spacing of the elements relative to each other. Sometimes this can result in small dust particles between the lenses which have no effect on the performance of the telescope whatsoever (because they are at the entrance pupil), but are inevitable during this iterative process. This process is used to achieve the highest quality possible for each lens. At this aperture, it is preferable to have a lens which has been adjusted for optimum performance instead of a lens which is cosmetically perfect but has not been assembled to a high standard. Each lens cell has a serial number, guaranteeing it's originality as a genuine modified Altair Astro optic. Lens numbers start afresh with each major change in production. Once the optimum setup is reached, the lens is signed off, a laser interferogram image in 532nm green light is inputted into AtmosFRINGE software to produce a test report showing the lens characteristics, which is included with each telescope. The image is a snapshot in time of the lens after assembly. Altair Astro has been performing this QC process since 2008, and no other UK company to our knowledge is capable, nor even willing to perform this level of quality control, which is the essence of the Wave Series concept. This process is labour intensive, and it can take a day or more to adjust one lens to optimum, therefore Wave Series telescopes cost a little more than other scopes of similar aperture.
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