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Telescope House Gallery

Below are a selection of astronomical images taken by staff and customers

The Great Orion Nebula
The Great Orion Nebula or M42 is the most prominent winter deep sky object and a favourite for astro imagers and visual observers alike. M42 is very easy to find sitting just below the belt of Orion in what is known as the sword which is central to the striking constellation. This object is easily visible in any telescope and even takes on a non stellar appearance in binoculars from around 50mm.

This image was taken using a Revelation 80mm FPL53 Apo at prime focus piggybacked on a Meade LX200ACF with a Canon 40D and Astronomik CLS filter from Kent here in the UK.

The Planet Mars 2007
The Planet Mars has always held great fascination for Astronomers and science fiction fans with the life on Mars debate. Only being visible for a short time every two years astro imagers are always keen to capitalise on its brief but exciting apparitions in our skies.

This image was taken from Sussex in December 2007 with a TMB 152mm Apo refractor mounted on a Losmandy Titan mount with a Philps Toucam webcam.

The Andromeda Galaxy
The Andromeda galaxy or M31 is our closest neighbour at a mere 2.2 million light years away and can be visible from dark skies with the naked eye. Best seen with wide field instruments or even large binoculars this galaxy is another favourite for astro imaging. Andromeda is easy to locate in the sky as the famous "W" of Cassiopeia acts as a pointer to the galaxy which is visible for the autumn and winter.

This image was taken from Kent using a Revelation FPL53 Apo at prime focus piggybacked on a Meade LX200ACF with a Canon 20D Digital SLR camera.

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