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Coronado Personal Solar Telescope


Quick Overview

The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope or PST is the world's favourite Solar telescope: it is a "go anywhere" system which can be easily mounted on a standard camera tripod and can be easily packed away for storage or transportation. Its tunable filter allows the user to witness all manner of Solar events and phemomena: from promenances and flares in the solar atymosphere, to Sun spots and surface granulation - all in complete safety. The PST has a built in solar finder projection device for easy pointing and solar alignment and takes all standard 1.25" eyepices - including Coronado's specially tuned Cemax range - a 12mm Cemax Kelner is included in the package to get you started.

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NEW DESIGN FEATURES: The PST has been redesigned with increased contrast and image brightness.

This ‘little’ telescope is another step toward our goal of making it possible for everyone to, "Experience the Sun our way". The ever changing solar disk presents iself in the PST with tunable views of prominences and surface detail previously unavailable at even 3 times the cost. Sub angstrom H-A systems have long been cost prohibitive for the amateur. Designs other than the Coronado are difficult to use because of temperature and F-Ratio requirements. Not only does the PST have a bandpass of 1.0 angstrom but it is also thermally stable and requires no more time to operate than putting in a eyepiece and adjusting the focus fits any standard photo video tripod did we mention the incredible low price?

The PST represents the same technology and quality that goes into a SolarMax series telescope but with a few unique design characteristics that allow us to offer it for less than some premium eyepieces. The PST will show you prominences, active regions, filaments, as well as other surface details – at 1.0 angstrom it will not reveal as much surface detail as the SolarMax series telescope and filters but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Now you can enjoy the 0.5A double stacked version boasting more surface detail for under £1000 delivered.


Product Specifications
• Aperture: 40mm
• F/L: 400mm
• F/Ratio: F/10
• Bandwidth: 1.0Å - 0.6Å
• Thermal Stability: 0.005
• A/C Blocking: Full blocking 10-5 EUV to far IR

The PST is made from milled aluminium, not plastic! The P.S.T. comes with a built in Sol Ranger for easy alignment, a 12mm Kellner eyepiece, and a re-usable box with dye cut foam for safe storage.

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