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LUNT LS130TCaKMD Ca-K module with conversion kit


Quick Overview

  • Turns the LS130THa into aN all-round telescope

  • Enables Solar observation in the Ca-K line

  • Enables Solar observation in White-Light

  • Enables night sky observation

  • Only usable with LS130THa telescope

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The LS130THa/B3400 telescopes can be upgraded with this optional Ca-K module and conversion kit. This allows to explore the Sun at different wavelengths with one and the same telescope, and the telescope can also be used for observing and photographing the night sky too.

You can replace the H-Alpha system of the LS130THa/B3400 telescope with this conversion kit with Ca-K module in just a few easy steps. This makes it possible to observe the Sun in H-alpha or in the light of the Calcium-K wavelength - with one and the same telescope!

This Ca-K module was specially designed for the LS130THa/B3400 H-Alpha telescope. It is delivered as a set together with the conversion kit with a completely new focuser. Simply loosen three knurled screws at the LS130THa/B3400, which hold the H-Alpha unit together with the focuser. Here the new focuser is provided with the Ca-K module, making it easy to convert your LS130T a fully-fledged Ca-K telescope.

But that's not all: With the new focuser installed (minus the Ca-K module), the LS130THa/B3400 can also be used as a Triplet apochromatic telescope for astronomical observations and photography at night!

You can also observe the Sun in White-Light together with a LUNT Herschel wedge.

This conversion kit turns the LS130T into the ultimte all-round telescope!


This conversion kit can also be used at the LS130THa/B1200 and LS130THa/B1800 telescopes, but it is not necessary to fit an additional focuser with these telescopes. This conversion kit is only necessary at the LS130THa/B3400, because this telescope has its B3400 blocking filter installed inside the focuser, necessitating an additional focuser conversion for regular observations.



  • 2" Ca-K Module for LS130THa telescope

  • 2" Crayford focuser with 10:1 reduction and adapter to LS130THa telescope

  • Instruction manual

LS130THa telescope not included! Can only be used together with an LS130THa solar telescope.

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