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LUNT LS130TCaKMD Ca-K filter-module for LS130THa


Quick Overview

The LUNT LS130TCaKMD Ca-K filter-module for LS130THa is a Calcium K filter designed exclusively for the Lunt 130THa modualr Solar scope series.

  • Provides Sun observation in the Ca-K line

  • Only usable with LS130THa telescope

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This Ca-K module can be used at the LS130THa/B1200 and LS130THa/B1800 telescopes to observe the Sun in the Calcium-K line. Also for use with the LS130THa/B3400, but in this instance, an additional conversion kit for the LS130THa is required (item number 0551696).

You can use this Ca-K module with your LS130THa telescope to observe and photograph the Sun not only in H-alpha, but also in the blue-violet calcium-K wavelength. Here again completely different phenomena become visible on the Sun than in H-alpha - particuarly developing features on the Sun's surface.

This Ca-K module was specially designed for the LS130THa H-Alpha telescope. When the H-alpha Etalon unit is removed from the LS130THa, the Ca-K module is simply inserted into the focuser instead of the blocking-filter.


The additional conversion kit 0551696 is necessary at the LS130THa/B3400, because this telescope has a fixed blocking filter installed inside the focuser.

For human eyes, the calcium-K light is just at the limit of the visible range. Many people have problems with visual observation. However, this does not apply to photography, where the Ca-K module shows everything the Sun has to offer in this wavelength.


  • 2'' Ca-K Module for LS130THa telescope

  • Instruction manual

LS130THa telescope and conversion kit not included! Can only be used together with an LS130THa solar telescope. For use with the LS130THa/B3400 the additional conversion kit (0551696) necessary.

This Ca-K module is also available for the LS130THa/B3400 as a bundle with the required conversion kit (item number 0551695).

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