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Revelation 4 in 1 Colour Filter Kit (#15 #25 #58 #80A) 1.25"

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The Revelation 4 in 1 Colour Filter Kit (#15 #25 #58 #80A) 1.25" is an excellent collection of four 1.25"-fitting visual filters. This comprises of the #15 Deep Yellow, #25 Red, #58 Deep Green and the #80A Blue, all packaged in an attractive plastic crystal circular case.
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For many years Astronomers have been using filters mounted in the eyepieces of their telescopes in order to emphasise detail and contrast of features of interest, particularly on the Moon and Planets.  Given a particular frequency or colour of filter, certain details within the given field of view of a telescope take on very different hue, which can make a real difference when attempting to view more difficult or challenging to see regions.  It will come as no surprise that certain planets respond well to particular colours of filters, this is where the Revelation 4 in 1 Colour Filter Kit comes in extremely handy for those starting off in planetary observations who wish to have access to useful, good quality filters - without breaking the bank in the process.  Carefully chosen, the Revelation 4 in 1 Kit gives the user the #15 Deep Yellow, #25 Red, #58 Deep Green and the #80A Blue filters, all packaged in an attractive plastic crystal circular case.  See below for an overview of each particular filter's forte:


#15 Deep Yellow - a useful filter for observation of the surface of Mars, particularly its polar caps.  Also particularly good for observation of atmospheric features on Jupiter and Saturn.  This filter also has limited use when attempting to view cloud detail on Venus, but users are recommended to try the #47 Violet Filter "The Venus Filter" for this (available separately).


#25 Red - this filter gives the user excellent views of the darker maria regions on Mars and is particularly successful in boosting contrast between the lighter and darker cloud belts on Jupiter.  Can also be used to attempt to decrease the negative effects of atmospherics when attempting observations of bright objects closer to the horizon.


#58 Deep Green - particularly useful when making observations of Saturnian atmospherics, particularly the hunt for the "Polar Hexagon" on Saturn.  This filter is also useful when viewing the high contrast ares between the darker surface of Mars and its brighter polar caps.  Also useful for viewing brighter cloud features of Jupiter and (to a certain extent) Venus and can be used as an effective Moon Filter if a neutral density option is not available.


80A Blue - the jewel in the crown of planetary filters.  Excellent for observing cloud, storm and festoon detail on both Jupiter (particularly the Great Red Spot) and Saturn.  Can be used to enhance details within Saturn's rings and also to attempt to view cloud detail on Mars.  Also useful for Lunar observation too.

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