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Philips 11" 51.5 Degrees North Planisphere


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This large Planisphere from Philips makes navigating through the night time sky childs play.
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A Planisphere shows an hour by hour representation of the positions of the stars and constellations for every night of the year and this version also shows the position of the Milky Way. On the reverse side, the printed instructions also feature a table allowing the user to calculate the position of the planets.

A complete twenty-four hour time cycle is marked on the rim of the overlay together with the full twelve months of calendar dates are marked on the rim of the starchart. The observing window also shows the direction of the eastern and western horizons. The disk and overlay are then twisted so that the observers local time of day on the overlay corresponds to that day's date on the star chart disc.

This version is designed for use in the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, Canada and the Northern USA.

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