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Orion Safety Film Solar Filter for 8" Reflector Telescopes


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The Orion Safety Film Solar Filter for 8" Reflector Telescopes is a low-cost option for safe observation of the Sun's surface. This filter will fit popular telescopes such as the Skywatcher 200P and 200PDS and Skywatcher Quattro 8S and Quattro 8CF and the Orion SkyView Pro and Sirius 8 Equatorial Reflector Telescopes, SkyQuest Classic XT8, IntelliScope XT8i, XT8g GoTo Dobsonian Reflector Telescopes and Orion 8" Astrograph.
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The Orion Safety Film Solar Filter for 8" Reflector Telescopes is a more affordable alternatives to Orion's full-aperture glass solar filters are made with high-quality Baader Astro Solar Safety Film, which is made specifically for safe observation of the Sun through a telescope. Using one of these streak-free and blister-free film filters is a great way to safely observe sunspots, solar eclipses and planetary transits of our Sun. You'll see the Sun in a neutral white color, without any orange or blue tinting caused by the filter material. Three sizes are available, for use with Orion 8", 6" or 4.5" reflector telescopes such as our popular StarBlast and Dobsonian reflectors.

Don't miss out on the fun of observing solar activity and get an affordable Orion Safety Film Solar Filter!


Affordable solar filters for select telescope sizes offer safe views of the Sun
Baader Astro Solar Safety Film filter material allows safe oservation of sunspots, solar eclipses, and more
Displays Sun in neutral white color, without tinting
Streak and blister-free
Available in three sizes: for Orion 8" reflectors, 6" reflectors, or 4.5" reflector telescopes

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