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Orion Parfocal Ring for 2 inch Eyepieces


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Orion Parfocal Ring for 2 inch Eyepieces are a four pack of parfocal rings with locking allen bolts designed for 2" eyepieces and accessories, ensuring they all come to a common focus point without adjusting your telescope's main focus.
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Enhance observing efficiency with the affordable Set of Four Orion 2” Parfocal Rings!

Most amateur astronomers use a number of different telescope eyepieces when viewing the night sky through a telescope. When using different 2” eyepieces, you probably find yourself adjusting your telescope focuser each time you change eyepieces in order to enjoy a crisp view. There are many different 2” telescope eyepiece designs available, and most are not parfocal with one another. This means you have to adjust the telescope focuser every time you swap out 2” eyepieces to achieve a precisely focused view.

Increase your viewing efficiency affordably by using this Set of Four Orion 2” Parfocal Rings with your telescope eyepieces. These Orion rugged, machined 2” parfocal rings allow you to make an assortment of non-parfocal 2” telescope eyepieces parfocal by setting the depth of each eyepiece barrel in the focuser to the same exact focus point. Think of the time you can save while observing - no more painstaking, not to mention image-shaking, focus adjustments needed!

Each black anodized and machined aluminum parfocal ring in the Set of Four Orion 2” Parfocal Rings features three equidistant cup-point setscrews for fixed, secure attachment to a 2” eyepiece barrel. Use one parfocal ring on each 2” telescope eyepiece to set the depth of its 2” barrel into the focuser at the exact focus point, and lock the parfocal ring in place with the setscrews using the included hex key.

Get the affordable, time-saving Set of Four Orion 2” Parfocal Rings and discover how efficient parfocal stargazing can be. Are you sure one set will be enough?

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