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Tripods for Telescopes and Binoculars

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  1. Bresser Table-tripod 24cm

    Bresser Table-tripod 24cm

    Bresser Table-tripod 24cm The BRESSER table-tripod with its height of 24 cm is a lot more versatile than one might think. It can be used lying in prone position, on observation posts as well as simply from a table. It is useful for a large variety of BRESSER binoculars* as well as BRESSER spotting scopes up to the weight of 1.000 g. Learn More
  2. Bresser Photo Tripod 159cm

    Bresser Photo Tripod 159cm

    The Bresser Photo Field Tripod is a fully adjustable tripod which is ideal for spotting scopes and binoculars up to 2.5kg in weight. Learn More
  3. Bresser Tripod 139.5cm 3KG Aluminium-alloy

    Bresser Tripod 139.5cm 3KG Aluminium-alloy

    The Bresser Aluminum Alloy Tripod 1395mm is high quality tripod, ideal for mounting Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. It has a quick release Ball and Socket head for precise adjustment and easy set-up. At 139.5cm maximum height, it's not the highest of tripods available from us, but it is a very well-constructed item, which will give you many years of service. This tripod comes with a handy and attractive carrying case. Learn More
  4. Bresser Tripod 154cm 5KG Aluminum-alloy

    Bresser Tripod 154cm 5KG Aluminum-alloy

    The Bresser Aluminium Alloy Tripod 1540mm is a professional tripod, which supports a payload of up to 5 kg - making it perfect for most Binoculars and Spotting Scopes. Learn More
  5. BRESSER Tripod TP-100 DX with carry bag

    BRESSER Tripod TP-100 DX with carry bag

    • Tripod for BRESSER StarTracker astronomical photo mount (Art.4964130)
    • Universal tripod with 1/4" mounting screw
    • Height-adjustable aluminim tripod with adjustable centre column
    • Large clamping levers for easy operation
    • Tripod legs with 3-fold extension
    • Tripod height min. 54cm; max. 134cm
    • Tripod height in macro position: 24 cm
    • Transport dimensions: 60x10x10cm
    • Weight tripod: 1.7 kg Weight carry bag: 0.5 kg
    Learn More
  6. Bresser Polar Wedge Tripod

    Bresser Polar Wedge Tripod

    The Bresser Polar Wedge Tripod is pricipally designed for the Bresser Astrophoto Mount, though can easily be adapter as a platform for many othe small tracking mounts.  The built in polar wedge is an uncomplicated design, featuring push/pull adjusters on both altitude and azimuth axes.  The push/pull arrangement, though simpler than a geared adjustment, means there is practically none of the flex (particularly in altitude) that is found in some of the opposition's products.

    • Tripod with Polar Wedge for BRESSER Astrophoto Mount
    • Adjustable stainless steel field tripod
    • Polar wedge and bubble level
    • Large, easy to grip adjustment points for polar altitude and azimuth axes.
    • Tripod height max. 125cm
    • Weight tripod with polar wedge: 3.5 kg
    Learn More
  7. Bresser BX-5 Pro Tripod

    Bresser BX-5 Pro Tripod

    • Tripod and monopod with fluid video head
    • Tripod legs made of lightweight aluminum and quick release
    • Stepless 4-point height adjustment (up to 64-185 cm)
    • Dimensions: 94 x 94 x 185 cm; Weight: 3.1 kg
    • Easy tracking with handle
    • Adapter plate with 1/4 '' & 3/8" DIN threaded screw
    • Quick release rings for releasing / closing the fixings
    Learn More
  8. Fotomate VT-680-222R Extra H-Duty Professional 2-Way Tripod

    Fotomate VT-680-222R Extra H-Duty Professional 2-Way Tripod

    The Fotomate VT-680-222R is an excellent, professional standard tripod for video cameras & DSLR’s, as well as for spotting scopes, small telescopes and most large observation binoculars. Features a generous maximum payload capacity of 8kg and an impressive maximum height of 197cm. This tripod does not feature a geared centre column so the tripod offers greater rigidity and stability, and lends itself to carrying heavier equipment. The superb included extra heavy-duty 2-Way tripod head, which is the same as supplied with the Fotomate VT-2900 model, is extremely robust and well-engineered. Operation is extremely smooth and well damped, and can be panned 360° with a wide range of tilt adjustment. Supplied with nylon carrying case. Learn More
  9. 07020 Meade Standard Field Tripod

    Meade Standard Field Tripod

    Tripod as supplied with all Meade 8-12" LX90-ACF and 8-10" LX200-ACF models Learn More

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9 Item(s)

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