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Omegon angled eyepiece for 90° polar finder-scope


Quick Overview

The Omegon angled eyepiece for 90° polar finder-scope is a great addition to any German Equatorial Mount with a polarscope. If you've spent many an unhappy moment crouched behind your mount trying to get it accurately polar aligned, then this could make the task simpler and distinctly more comfortable.
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You can either crouch on the ground, or make locating the pole much more comfortable by using this: the Omegon angled Eyepieces for polar finderscopes.

Having to kneel on the ground to look through the polar finder in a cramped position is always irritating and often uncomfortable. North aligning the mount is an unpleasant job, even for younger people - and all because the polar finder is straight and pointing down at a steep angle. The Omegon 90° angled view polar finder attachment makes the job much simpler.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • easier to adjust the polar finder - you look into it at a 90° angle

  • never have to kneel on the ground again to carry out polar adjustment

  • image orientation remains undisturbed

  • adjustable focus

  • 1X and 2X zoom factor for an overview and a more detailed image

  • simply place the metal angled finder - with its Amici prism and coated optical surfaces - over the polar finder and fix it in position

Suitable for the following mounts:

  • Skywatcher: EQ5, AZ-EQ5, HEQ5, EQ6, AZ-EQ6, Adventurer, Adventurer mini

  • Orion: Atlas Pro, Atlas EQ-G

  • Celestron: AVX, CGEM

  • Lacerta: Polarie polar finder

  • Please Note: It is not suitable for the iOptron polar finder!

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