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Meade ETX80 Goto Telescope Tabletop System


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Meade ETX80 Goto Telescope Tabletop System - a compact fully computerised Goto tabletop mounted telescope system. The Meade ETX80 has been a top seller at Telescope House for many years. During the time we have sold this system, the Meade ETX80 has given thousands of users throughout the world their first telescopic views of the Moon, planets and major Deep Sky objects. Users love the ETX80 for it's compact size - so if you're not ready to commit to a full-size telescope, this scope will give you more than a taste for what's going on in the heavens above, without taking up a good deal of house room - or breaking the bank! The Table top mount allows you to use the ETX-80 Telescope on an outside table or bench but also has an integrated photographic tripod bush to enable mounting onto any standard photographic tripod.

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Meade's 80mm diameter ETX 80 telescope delivers more light-gathering for increased image brightness and greater detail. Moon craters by the hundreds, cloud belts on Jupiter, and Saturn's rings are just the beginning of what can be seen with this highly portable telescope telescope. This version boasts the new table top mount allows you to use the ETX-80 Telescope on an outside table or bench but also has an integrated photographic tripod bush to enable mounting onto any standard photographic tripod.

The brainy AutoStar computer solves the stargazer's two biggest challenges in navigating the heavens with a computer telescope: aligning the telescope with the night sky and finding celestial phenomenon in the vast starry firmament. Right out of the box with a simple initialization, AutoStar makes finding the sky's elusive jewels virtually as easy as pushing a few buttons. Observe land or over 1400 sky objects in stunning high resolution, and learn about the sky with Meade's extensive astro-library.

AutoStar® Computer Controller
The AutoStar computer controller automatically guides your telescope to over 1400 objects. View planets, stars, galaxies, and nebulas all at the push of a button. Don't know what to see on a particular night? Don't worry. Just select the Tonight's Best™ tour and AutoStar will automatically take you on a guided tour of the best planets, stars, nebulas and other objects out that particular night. Want to know more about what you're looking at? The LCD display teaches you about what you're viewing with details like distance, temperature, mass, and historical information. AutoStar is your guide to the universe.

A built-in Barlow lens flips into position when needed. This highly desirable feature provides more power when studying lunar and planetary surface features.
An internal Time Chip (TC) keeps precise factory calibrated time and date.
A Bubble-level/ Compass is provided to make initialization faster and easier.
Now includes two premium 4-element 1.25" Super Plössl eyepieces (SP9.7mm, SP26mm) offering comfortable long eye-relief and an expansive wide visual field.
Bonus! AutoStar Suite Astronomer Software on DVD for PC, now with instructional DVD (please note, the Meade Autostar Suite software on this DVD is only compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7). Further software downloads can be made from the Meade website here.
This version comes complete with a tabletop mounting system instead of the usual tripod.

Optical Design Achromatic Refractor
Clear Aperture 80mm (3.15")
Focal Length Focal Ratio 400mm f/5
Maximum Practical Visual Power 275 x magnification (magnification range with supplied eyepieces and internal 3x barlow: 15x, 41x, 45x, 124x)
Optical Tube Dimensions (dia. x length) 3.6" dia x 14.5"
Eyepiece(s) Super Plössl 9.7mm and 26mm (giving 41x and 15x respectively at 400mm focal length, 123x and 45x, when the 3x internal Barlow is engaged)
Barlow Lens Built-in flip Barlow
Telescope Mounting Fork type; double tine
RA and Dec. Motor Drive Systems 9V DC servo motors w/encoders
Slow-Motion Controls Electric, 9-speed; both axes
AutoStar® Controller #494 Included
Planetarium Software and Instructional DVD Included
Batteries (user-supplied) 6 x AA
Battery Life (approx.) 20 hrs.

Package contains:-
Meade ETX-80 Telescope
Meade #494 Autostar computerised goto handset
Eyepiece(s) Super Plössl 9.7mm and 26mm
Tabletop mount

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