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Lunt PCUSB Pressure Tuner Controller with USB


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Lunt PCUSB Pressure Tuner Controller with USB
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The Lunt PCUSB Pressure Tuner Controller with USB is an Electronic Control unit with USB connection for one LUNT Pressure-Tuner system.

The PC-USB is a microprocessor controlled pressure control system that can be retrofitted to any LUNT instrument with Pressure-Tuner (PT), without returning it to the Lunt facility. A simple air-pipe connects the PC-USB to the Pressure-Tuner. All existing PT systems can be retrofitted, via an included adapter to the pressure tuner knob. The PC-USB can be used at any altitude.

The PC-USB controller can be manually operated directly by the control panel at the housing, or via a computer by USB connection (Windows 7 or higher needed). A USB cable with USB-B plug is necessary for operating by a computer, this USB cable is not included. You will find the software for download here.

Upon power up, the PC-USB will go through a systems vent and ambient pressure set mode. This will take around 60 seconds. The PC-USB is a simple 2 button system. One button for increasing and one button for decreasing the PT pressure. Digital feedback and indicator lights are provided. The PC-USB is accurate to 0.027 Bar (0.4 PSI), providing very precise control of the pressure setpoint. The PC-USB will auto-compensate for fluctuations in internal pressure changes due to significant changes in temperature. The PC-USB can be user programmed to center wavelength set point. Due to the sealed nature of the system, the center wavelength set point will remain constant at any altitude at a given set pressure point. Because the PC-USB can provide closed-loop feedback of internal etalon pressure users can correlate change in pressure to doppler shifted events.

Normally, a telescope shakes while you are tuning mechanically - especially if you use high magnification. For example, mechanically tuning an etalon in order to observing the Doppler effect when looking at a filament or prominance. With the PC-USB system there will be absolutely no shaking of the telescope while tuning even at high magnifications, so observing Doppler-shifted events will become more comfortable.

The PC-USB can run continuously on internal battery power for more than 8 hours. It has external power input (15V DC) that can power the unit and charge the internal batteries simultaneously.

LUNT PC-USB Control System
Adapter for PT knob
3m air-pipe
AC-adapter (with Euro-plug)

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