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TeleVue 8.0mm Ethos Eyepiece 1.25 & 2.0"


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The Televue 8mm Ethos features an incredible 100 degree apparent field of view for an incredible combination of high magnification and a wide field of view!
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At NEAF 2008 Televue was pleased to demonstrate a new 8mm focal length, 100° AFOV Ethos eyepiece. In addition to matching all the key performance criteria of its 13mm sibling, the new 8mm version is parfocal in 1¼" focusers with Radians, Plössls, Type 6 Naglers and 1¼" Panoptics. Further, its lighter weight and smaller diameter than the 13mm Ethos makes the 8mm suitable for anyone using a binocular viewer. Another application is for spotting scope set-ups with the Tele Vue 60° 1¼" diagonal. In comparing it to our 8–24mm Zoom eyepiece, the 8mm Ethos has the power of the 8mm Zoom and 83% of the field of the 24mm setting!

An important benefit of the combination of large apparent field of view and shorter focal length is that for a given field in the sky, higher magnification results in a darker sky background. Fainter stars become visible and more detail is seen on all deep sky objects. The Tele Vue Ethos eyepiece provides another big magnification/contrast jump, yielding dramatic views simply not previously possible in any telescope. With the smaller exit pupil, eyesight limitations are also reduced.

8mm Ethos delivers: 100° apparent field (50% larger in area than 82° Naglers), comfortable eye-relief, accepts DIOPTRX eyesight astigmatism correctors, distortion correction, high contrast and on-axis sharpness for planetary viewing. It is the “do-it-all” eyepiece perfect for all scopes that can utilize this focal length.

Apparent field: 100°

Focal length: 8mm

Effective field stop diameter: 13.9mm

Eye relief: 15mm (accepts DIOPTRX eyesight astigmatism corrector)

Barrel size: 2"/1¼"

Black barrel diameter: 53.4mm

Weight: 0.95 lbs (15.2 oz.)

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