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BRESSER WIFI professional weather station


Quick Overview

  • Measurement of temperature, wind speed, air pressure and UV,

  • Air humidity and precipitation

  • WIFI for easy access on one's way via smartphone

  • Dimensions: 392.2 x 326 x 144.5 mm; Weight: 1096 g

  • What's included: Base station, 6-in-1 outdoor sensor, plug

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BRESSER WIFI professional weather station 

The 6-in-1 WIFI professional weather station by BRESSER offers comprehensive opportunities to control your local weather information via smartphone.  With inbuilt WIFI connection, it is possible to check your local weather information from home or out and about. The information of the multifunctional sensor will be transferred to the mobile App Weather Underground, so that you can check the information of temperaturewind speedhumidity and precipitation.  The mobile app is clearly laid out and user-friendly.

We have to highlight the measurements of both air pressure and UV rays. The measurement of the UV rays is enormous useful because it gives detailed information about the necessity UV protectionAdditional, the hygrometer provides information about the amount of precipitation

The compact and multifunctional outdoor sensor requires only a little space and thus can be placed almost anywhere. A pipe clamp and screws for the attachment to poles (pipe diameter of about 25-33 mm) are already included in the package.  This means the sensor can be mounted to shed roofs, garages, fences (in short most vertical or horizontal surfaces which will allow for screw fixing), with the minimum of fuss. 

The power supply of the base station is set up by a 5 V DC connector. The multifunctional sensor requires three 1.5 V AA batteries (non- echargable, we recommend Energiser Lithium AAs, due to their long endurance and comparitive resistance to temperature change). The solar panel is necessary for the emergency power supply. 

The connection status between the base station and the sensor is shown by a small LED lamp on the bottom of the sensor, which makes pairing and re-paring of the two easier.


  • BRESSER WIFI proffessional weather station

  • Outdoor temperature and humidity

  • Wind direction and wind speed

  • UV measurement and air pressure

  • Precipitation


  • Base station with stand

  • 6-in-1 multifunctional outdoor sensor

  • Mounting material for the outdoor sensor

  • Manual 

  • Power adapter

  • Additionally, three AA batteries are required (not included) 

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