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Bresser Sirius 70/900 AZ Telescope carbon texture


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Bresser Sirius 70/900 AZ Telescope carbon texture
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The Bresser Sirius 70/900 AZ Telescope carbon texture is an attractive beginner's telescope, which features a 70mm, f/12.8 focal ratio lens. This is a rather classical lunar and planetary telescope in many ways and delivers extremely good colour correction for an Achromatic Refractor - its long focal length minimises chromatic abberation (violet fringing) around bright objects.

The system comes complete with a straightforward to operate altitude/azimuth mounting, with aluminium tripod and accessory tray. Eyepieces supplied are 4mm and 20mm focal lengths, giving 45x and 225x respectively. A 3x Barlow lens is supplied for use with the 20mm eyepiece, giving an additional magnification of 135x (we don't recommend using the 4mm eyepiecce with this Barlow as it would give the extremely optimistic magnification of 675x!). A star diagonal mirror is supplied for ease of observation at higher altitudes.

Those keen on starting their astrophotographic career will be delighted with the inclusion of a Smartphone holder which fits around the eyepiece and allows the user to film or photograph through the eyepiece with an attached Smartphone (this is at owner's own risk - we suggest using a phone lanyard for security and safety purposes). You will be able to take impressive pictures and film of the Moon and brighter planets through your phone with this combination - and can also share the views of brighter objects for real time observations through your Smartphone camera's screen.


MgF2-coated optics for added contrast
Magnification with supplied accessories: 45x, 135x, 225x, 675x (max. suggested: 140x)
Focal distance, aperture ratio: 900mm, f/12.9
Azimuthal mounting with aluminium tripod and accessory tray
Eyepiece diameter: 1.25" (31.7mm)

What's in the box:

Sirius refractor
Altazimuth mount
Aluminium tripod with accessory tray
Eyepieces: 4mm, 20mm
3x Barlow lens
Diagonal mirror
Smartphone camera adapter
software & moon map via download

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