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BRESSER Messier AR-70/700 AZ Telescope


Quick Overview

  • A classically designed f/10 70mm refracting telescope

  • Perfect for the beginner

  • A wide array of accessories are included

  • With Smartphone Camera Adapter

  • Take pictures of the moon with your smartphone

  • Focal length: 700mm / Aperture: 70mm Mount: Alt/Azimuth What's Included: Refractor, Altazimuth mount, Aluminium tripod with accessory tray, 2 Eyepieces, Diagonal mirror, Red Dot Finder, Smartphone camera adapter

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When looking at the technical data, 70mm aperture may not look too impressive. However, during observations, the impact of the Bresser Messier AR-70/700's 36% more light gathering power, in respect to a 60mm refractor, is easily visible: planetary and lunar details are seen more clearly in the BRESSER Messier AR-70/700 AZ, than they are with a smaller 60mm offerings in the Bresser range and deep sky targets have a definite edge in this scope over something smaller.

Do you want to capture what you see? With the included smartphone holder bracket you can use your smartphone to easily take colour pictures of celestial objects.  This scope comes with a couple of decent quality 1.25" eyepieces giving 35x and 77x respectively, though can take in the region of 150x magnification as a practical upper limit in everydday use.  To get to around the upper limit of practical magnifaction, we'd recommend the Bresser 2x Barlow lens, which will double the power of the eyepieces supplied.


  • MgF2-coated optics

  • Magnification with supplied accessories: 35x, 77x, 

  • Focal distance, aperture ratio: 700mm, f/10

  • azimuthal mounting

  • eyepiece diameter: 31.7mm (1.25")


  • Messier refractor

  • Altazimuth mount

  • Aluminium tripod with accessory tray

  • Eyepieces: 9mm, 20mm

  • Red dot finder

  • Diagonal mirror 1,25" (31,7mm)

  • Smartphone camera adapter

  • Software & rotatable star-map

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