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Bresser Guiding Kit AR90/500


Quick Overview

The Bresser Guiding Kit AR90/500 combines a 90mm aperture/500mm focal length achromatic refractor and the high resolution Bresser GPCMOS02000KPA colour CMOS camera with all the hardware you'll need to get this system mounted to a variety of telescopes.

  • Universal BRESSER Guiding Kit

  • Guiding-scope, guiding-camera and dovetail clamp included

  • For long exposure Astrophotography with autoguiding

  • Aperture / focal length of guiding-scope: 90/500mm

  • Screw set for Messier/ES handle included

  • Also fits to many other telescopes

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Finally, a universal guiding kit is available from Bresser, which is easy to assemble and install. Consisting of a 90mm aperture, 500mm focal length guidescope, a tracking camera and a quick release mounting clamp - this system will enable you can start long-term photography with active tracking control (autoguiding).

Simply mount the prism clamp with the mounting screws on the carrying handle of the BRESSER Messier and EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC telescopes and the AR90 / 500 guide scope with tracking camera can be easily fixed in parallel to the main telescope. The guide camera can then be connected directly to the ST-4 compatible autoguider port of your telescope mount. Connecting the tracking camera via USB cable to your Windows computer and install the camera drivers and any Autoguider software - you can start properly auto guided accurate astrophotography.

The prism clamp has 2 x 6mm countersunk holes (35mm hole spacing) and 3 further 1/4 "photo tapped holes to allow for versatile adaptation to a variety of other telescopes and adapter plates. The tracking camera is very useful for tracking Recording of planets and even deep-sky objects. A detailed description of the tracking camera can be found at the BRESSER article number 4959050.

NOTE: The autoguider software is not included. You can use PHD Guiding, Guidedog, Metaguide, Guidemaster (Freeware) or AstroArt, MaxIm DL (chargeable).



What's in the box:

Guidescope - BRESSER Messier AR90/500 (Art.Nr. 4890500) + Acc.
Guidecamera - BRESSER GPCMOS02000KPA color (Art.Nr. 4959050)
Dovetail-clamp for Messier/ES/GP/Vixen (Art.Nr. 4910220)
Screw-set for Messier/ES handle included
USB 2.0 cable (camera to computer)
ST-4 cable (camera to telescope mount)
Camera driver software + ASCOM driver
Professional ToupSky imaging software

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