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Bresser Advance ICD 10x-160x Stereo Microscope


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High-quality stereo microscope for amateurs and professionals alike
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The Bresser Advance ICD is the first trinocular stereo biological microscope in the Bresser range with a magnification of up to 160 times at an unbeatable price. The combination of a Stereo Zoom Objective (1x-4x), two pairs of high grade wide field eyepieces (10x & 20x) and an additional 2x Auxiliary Lens allow for an incredible range of 10x to 160x magnification with premium optical quality. The height adjustable trinocular head allows for observations of larger items such as large rocks or thick circuit boards. Besides being able to view the object with both eyes the user can connect a camera or PC Eyepiece to the microscopes trinocular head at the same time. The bright halogen illuminator, which can be individually turned on for Stereo or transmission observation or both at the same time, and the massive microscope base and its various accessories make the Bresser Advance ICD into a complete professional Stereo Microscope, that offers an extremely realistic image replication. 

Application range: Archeology, Geology, Gemology, Petrology, Minerals, Semiconductor production, Entomology, Material research, Botany, Plant physiology, Coins, Stamps, Quality inspection, Education, Teaching


  • Trinocular head for visual observation and simultaneous camera use

  • Compatible with BRESSER MikroCams (optional)

  • 1x-4x stereo zoom objective

  • 2x Auxiliary Lens (doubles the magnification of eyepieces and zoom objective)

  • Powerful halogen lighting

  • 2 different object plates for optimum contrast to the object

  • Observation of objects up to approx. 12 cm height

  • Integrated 220/240V power supply with cable

  • Solid construction with heavy base

  • 2 pairs wide field eyepieces included


  • Microscope

  • 2 pairs wide field eyepieces (WF 10x / WF 20x)

  • 2x Auxiliary Lens (1 piece)

  • 1 pair rubber eyecups

  • Object plate made of plastic (black/white)

  • Object plate glass 94mm (matte)

  • 2 halogen lamps

  • Dust cover

  • Instruction manual

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