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BRESSER 45° Amici Prism 1.25'' for MESSIER MCX/MC Telescopes


Quick Overview

This BRESSER 45° Amici Prism 1.25'' for MESSIER MCX/MC Telescopes (can also be used on the Meade ETX 90 and 125 and the Celestron 4SE telescopes) allows for a comfortable 45° viewing position and creates an erect image without left-right reversal. This makes it especially suitable for nature observations, but it can also be very helpful with astronomical observations. Beginners may find it easier to orientate telescopes in relation the sky, when they compare the view through the telescope with what they can see with their naked eyes.

With this amici prism, a suitable astronomical telescope can be used as a powerful spotting scope.

Suitable for Maksutov-Cassegrain style telescopes with threaded M35x1mm visual back adapter:

  • item no.: 4701102 BRESSER MESSIER MCX-102 GoTo Telescope AZ/EQ

  • item no.: 4701127 BRESSER MESSIER MCX-127 GoTo Telescope AZ/EQ

  • item no.: 4890125 BRESSER MESSIER MC-90/1250 optical tube

  • item no.: 4810140 BRESSER MESSIER MC-100/1400 optical tube

  • item no.: 4827190 BRESSER MESSIER MC-127/1900 optical tube

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  • fits to BRESSER MESSIER MCX/MC telescopes

  • comfortable eye relief for refractor telescopes

  • 45°- viewing position and image without left-right reversal

  • turns an astronomical telescope into a powerful spotting scope

  • for use with 1.25'' (31:7mm) eyepieces


  • 45° Amici Prism M35x1mm to 1.25''/31.7mm

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