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ZWO ASI174MM monochrome with Guide port


Quick Overview

The ZWO ASI174MM monochrome with Guide port is a high quality, high speed monochrome camera, capable of delivering up to 740 frames per second (depending on PC capability). Featuring the large 1/1.2" CMOS SONY IMX174LLJ sensor, with Pregius Global Shutter CMOS technology.
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The ZWO ASI174MM USB3.0 is a great high speed monochrome camera, featuring SONY's Pregius Global Shutter CMOS sensor, the SONY IMX174LLJ.  This camera has 2.3 Mega Pixel sensor with a maximum resolution of 1936 x 1216.  

Sony Pregius sensor technology: In certain imaging applications there is often a demand to recognize the accurate form of fast-moving objects.  Until now, a rolling shutter has been used as the electronic shutter mechanism in CMOS image sensors; therefore, unavoidable intrinsic distortion of the focal plane occurs.  Sony has incorporated Pregius, a global shutter function, into the CMOS image sensor to meet customer needs.

Do be aware that to acheive colour imaging with this camera you will need filters in order to synthesise a full colour image.

This camera can also be used for deep sky imaging with long duration exposures for up to 1000 seconds.

ZWO ASI174MM USB3.0 Features:

Recommended for the Sun, Moon, solar system targets and some deep sky objects
(To image the Sun you'll have to use a full aperture solar filter or Herschel Wedge depending on your telescope type. Please contact us for options)
Resolution: 1936 x1216 at up to 164fps (at 12bit ADC) or 128fps (at 10 bit ADC)
Long time exposure up to 1000s

ST-4 Autoguider Port
Built-in RAW mode and Grey mode output support. Only about 30% storage space required compared to the Color data format!
High Peak Quantum Efficiency: 78%
No fixed pattern noise (FPN)
Full aluminum housing with standard 2" interface
M42X0.75 internal thread.

T-thread to C-mount adapter included
Compatible with DirectShow and ASCOM, Sharpcap, Firecapture and more
Compatible with MaxIm-DL
Supported OS: Windows, Linux, Arm-linux, Mac OSX

ZWO ASI174MM USB3.0 Specifications:

Sensor: 1/1.2" CMOS SONY IMX174LLJ
Resolution: 2.3Mega Pixels 1936x1216
Pixel Size: 5.86µm
Exposure Rage: 32µs-1000s

Supported Resolutions:
12bit ADC:
2X2Bin : 968x608@128FPS

10bit ADC:
2X2Bin : 968x608@164FPS

ROI: Supported
USB3.0  (and backward compatible with USB2.0 as well)
Bit rate: 12bit output(12bit ADC)
Adaptor: 2" / 1.25" / M42X0.75
Dimension: φ62mm X 41mm
Weight: 140g

Working Temperature: -5°C—45°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C—60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 20%—80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20%—95%

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