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The ZWO IR-CUT FILTER - 1.25" is designed to cut infra red signal getting through to an imaging camera. Today's modern astronomical cameras are very sensitive to signal from various parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Luminance/Infrared cut-off filters are usually used with web cameras, color CMOS and CCD cameras to produce better quality images, as these are quite sensitive to infrared (heat) radiation of light, which leads to a potential build up of thermal noise in resulting images. IR filters will also improve sharpness of the image, as most telescope optics are optimised for the visible part of the spectrum, as it's very difficult to create a lens with the same focal point for the visible and IR spectrum. Filters such as this one will cut off ultraviolet (UV) as well, as you will see from the transmission curve picture.

We would recommend that this IR cut off filter is used with the ASI224MC, ASI185MC, ASI1600MC and ASI1290MC which use an AR protect window. However, an IR cut window is used for the ASI178MC so this cut off filter is not needed for this camera.

This filter is a 1.25" ( 31.7mm ) filter and comes with an inner thread thus can be screwed together with other filters (e.g. saving your expensive Hydrogen-alpha filter from overheating).

Comes in filter box, as seen on the image.

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