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Altair GPCAM2 AR0130 Mono Camera


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Altair GPCAM2 AR0130 Mono Camera - wider bodied, with greater heatsink size and uprated electronics. The ideal camera for solar imaging and much more planetary and lunar work besides.
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 The Altair GPCAM2 AR0130 Mono camera has the sought after Aptina AR0130 CMOS sensor, with higher sensitivity of about 78% QE.
Very high sensitivity in the far red / NIR region makes the GPCAM2 AR0130 especially good for solar imaging with the Daystar Quark other Hydrogen Alpha filters. This high red sensitivity makes it a great choice for Astro Video or EAA use.
Onboard buffering gives USB data transfer speeds significantly higher than the GPCAM1 series, pushing the USB2.0 format to the limit, yet within a stable envelope. This almost completely eliminates dropped frames, corrupted video, and enables faster more consistent frame rates, even with less powerful notebook computers.
The GPCAM2 AR0130 Mono camera can be used for any type of imaging you care to try, such as solar, planetary, lunar “lucky” imaging, and even long exposure deepsky photography. Of course video astronomy is easy with the incredible sensitivity of approx. 78% QE. Time-lapse all-sky imaging (with the optional meteor lens - supplied separately) is fully supported in both AltairCapture and SharpCap software.
The camera has an ST4 auto-guiding port, and can be used to auto-guide with mounts from all the major manufacturers supporting ST4 format, such as iOptron, Celestron and Skywatcher.


Sensor Size: 1/3" (4.8x3.6mm)
Exposure duration shortest/longest:
0.115ms (0.000115 secs) / 800 secs (trigger mode)
0.115ms (0.000115 secs) / 5000ms (5 secs) (video mode)
Bit depth: 8bit & 12bit mode switchable
Pixel size microns: 3.75x3.75 um
Resolution in pixels: 1280x960
Recording System: Still Picture and Video
Region of Interest (ROI) support: Yes, in SharpCap & AltairCapture
Approx. Max frame rates (assuming computer Bus and Hard Drive operating at full bandwidth)*:
8 bit mode:
1280x960 - 27-30fps
640x480 - 55fps ROI mode
320x240 - 104fps ROI mode
12 bit mode - approx 50% of above.
* Based on average user reports. May be revised with more data. Shorter exposure durations yield faster frame rates. An expensive PC does not guarantee a fast frame rate.
Sensor QE / Quantum Efficiency: Approx. 78%
Gain Sensitivity: 6.5V/ lux-sec
Dynamic Range: 82dB
SNR Maximum: 44dB
Readout: Progressive Scan
Shutter: Electronic Rolling Shutter
Software & OS support:
Drivers & software download (Windows only): (launches new window)
Driver support: PHD2, AltairCapture, SharpCap, (Windows DirectShow)
AltairCapture OS support: Win XP (32bit), Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 (32 & 64 bit)
USB Port & Cable: USB2.0, 2m cable (USB3.0 port compatible).
ST4 Port & Cable: Standard ST4 Opto-Isolated, 1.5m cable, iOptron, Celestron, Skywatcher SynScan GOTO.
Camera Format:
Cooling: Air-Cooled large surface area camera body.
Camera body length: 70 mm total length including CS-Mount and 5mm extension ring.
Camera body weight: 90 g
AR-coated UV/IR blocking filter  wavelength transmission 380-650nm.
AR-coated clear optical window wavelength transmission: 350-1050nm.
Back-focus & Adapter compatibility:
Optical Window is removable to reveal female C-Mount thread
Camera body thread: C/CS-Mount female allows direct attachment of CS-Mount lens or C-Mount lens with 5mm extension.
C-Mount lens adapter: Included, terminates in female thread connecting to camera body.
C-Mount lens compatibility: C-Mount male threaded lens with 17.526 mm back-focus (or flange-distance) requirement.
C-mount lens compatibility: C-Mount male threaded lens with 12.526 mm back-focus (or flange-distance) requirement.
Astro filter thread adapter: Included, 1.25" OD, Female thread
Pushfit Barrel OD: Standard Astro format 1.25” OD eyepiece-barrel
Sensor surface distance from flat end of C-Mount adapter: 17.58 mm
Sensor surface distance from flat end of 20mm 1.25” Astro adapter: 37.58 mm
Operating environment conditions:
Power consumption:
Standby 0.315w
Running 0.875w
Max operating temp: 50 °C
Lowest operating temp: -10 °C
Max operating humidity: 80 % RH
Power source in Volts: 5V DC (via USB cable)
Windows PC Hardware Requirements:
Minimum CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
Minimum Memory: 2GB or More
USB port: USB2.0 High-speed Port
Monitor Display: 17" or Larger
Software delivery: Downloaded online at and saved to hard drive.
Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
Optional Accessories:
Altair Astro 1.25" Premium CLS-CCD Filter with UV/IR Block & AR Coating (Code: F125CLSCCD) for imaging emission nebulae in light polluted urban enivonments.
Altair Astro Planet-Killer 685nm Premium IR Pass Filter with AR Coating (Code: F125IRP685CCD) to reduce seeing effects for shaper lunar solar and planetary imaging.
Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and worksmanship.

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