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Altair GPCAM USB Fan Cooler


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Altair GPCAM USB Fan Cooler
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The Altair GPCAM USB Fan Cooler is designed to be used with their GPCAM range of USB imaging cameras - providing a heat sink and fan to wick heat away from the body of the attached camera and keep thermal noise on the imaging chip to a minimum.  Power for the fan is provided via a 5v 2.5m length USB cable, so please note, you will need a spare USB slot in order to use this alongside a GPCAM itself.  The fan is a high quality long-life, low vibration DC brushless unit with low noise bearing. It's rated for 40,000 Hours and designed for rack server use.

This kit comes in self assembly component form that needs a Phillip's head screwdriver to put it together in a matter of a couple of minutes.  Altair guide for assembly is thus:

 1) Place guard over fan. 2) Screw the fan onto the heatsink through the guard by means of 4 included screws. The screws fit between the vanes. Route the fan cable through the heatink vanes for strain relief. 3) Peel off the special heat transfer backing on the underside of the heat sink. 4) Click the camera into place from the side (it won't slide on from the end because of the heat transfer backing). 5) Plug the USB cable into your PC USB port. 6) Optimum cooldown takes around 2-3 mins.

How does it work? Camera sensors get warm during operation causing fixed pattern and random thermal noise. This unwanted heat is best disposed of and this accessory helps disperse it into the surrounding air. The camera has a "cold finger" which contacts the rear of the sensor to conduct heat away into the casing, and ideally this heat needs to be conducted further away if possible. The heatsink contacts the casing via a special heat transfer pad. The fan drives air against the larger surface area of the heatsink vanes, cooling the casing by forced air convection. Even 3-4 degrees cooling has an effect on thermal and fixed pattern noise during long exposures when the gain is set high. The fan is especially effective in cold conditions such as when imaging at night time.  

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