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Astro Imaging

Cameras and accessories for imaging the night sky with your Telescope

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  1. Bresser Full HD Deep-Sky Camera & Guider 1.25"

    Bresser Full HD Deep-Sky Camera & Guider 1.25"

    Based around the high sensitivity and low noise back illuminated SONY IMX290 CMOS color sensor, the Bresser Full HD Deep-Sky Camera & Guider 1.25" is a veritable Swiss Army Knife of an imager. Capable of filming Planetary, Lunar and Solar targets at high frame rates (for high resolution stacking), this camera can also expose up to 16 minutes, making it a credible Deep Sky imaging system too. In addition to the camera's main imaging capabilites, it can aslo function as an autoguider - featuring an industry standard ST-4 guiding port to connect with a wide variety of commercially available mounts. Learn More


    PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE TAKING PREORDERS FOR DELIVERY IN 1-2 WEEKS. The ZWO ASIAIR PRO is a smart WiFi device for integrated control of cameras, mounts, autoguiders and much more. It is equipped with a lightweight power management module, ample USB interfaces, and multiple dovetail mounting methods. With the rich features of the ASIAIR App, the whole procedure from device integration to image capture runs particularly smoothly. ASIAIR PRO is the second generation of ZWO that has been continuously improved and newly designed since the first generation of ASIAIR was released in July 2018. Learn More
  3. Bresser Guiding Kit AR90/500

    Bresser Guiding Kit AR90/500

    The Bresser Guiding Kit AR90/500 combines a 90mm aperture/500mm focal length achromatic refractor and the high resolution Bresser GPCMOS02000KPA colour CMOS camera with all the hardware you'll need to get this system mounted to a variety of telescopes.

    • Universal BRESSER Guiding Kit
    • Guiding-scope, guiding-camera and dovetail clamp included
    • For long exposure Astrophotography with autoguiding
    • Aperture / focal length of guiding-scope: 90/500mm
    • Screw set for Messier/ES handle included
    • Also fits to many other telescopes
    Learn More

3 Item(s)

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