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Altair Starwave Bahtinov Mask 125-180mm


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Focus your telescope accurately and quickly with the Altair Starwave Bahtinov Mask 125-180mm - for telescopes with exterior diameters of 125-180mm.
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Starwave TM Bahtinov Mask

Whether you’re doing planetary visual observing, planetary imaging, or deep sky imaging, the Bahtinov Mask is a great accessory to get the best focus for your telescope quickly and easily. Credit goes to Russian amateur astronomer Pavel Bahtinov for making his idea available to the astronomy community.

Starwave TM Bahtinov masks are adjustable to fit a wide range of optical tubes, unlike masks which are only able to fit one telescope. They have an adjustment lattitude of about 50mm in aperture making them very versatile.

Starwave TM Bahtinov masks are made from precision laser cut ABS plastic, which is stiff enough to remain in position, yet has enough “give” to make them tough without being brittle in the cold, unlike acrylic masks which are made from thick, heavy, brittle and hard acrylic plastics.

Starwave TM bahtinov masks grip the telescope tube gently but firmly with three metal posts covered in non-scratching silicon sleeves. This prevents slippage, whilst allowing the mask to remaining perfectly central. This is unlike other masks with two posts, which rely solely on gravity to hold them in position. Because of this 3-post mounting, the Starwave Bahtinov mask remains centred, whilst fitting a wider range of telescopes, saving you money if you decide to change optical tubes. So, all you need to do is measure the outer diameter of your telescope tube or deshield, and choose a model corresponding to that OD dimension.

The following range of sizes are available to fit just about any amateur telescope on the market, as well as DSLR camera lenses:

Starwave TM Bahtinov Mask Size Chart:

Product Code: Specification:
SWBM-65-100mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 65-100mm OD tubes
SWBM-85-120mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 85-120mm OD tubes
SWBM-105-150mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 105-150mm OD tubes
SWBM-125-180mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 125-180mm OD tubes
SWBM-150-200mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 150-200mm OD tubes
SWBM-175-220mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 175-220mm OD tubes
SWBM-195-240mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 195-240mm OD tubes
SWBM-215-260mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 215-260mm OD tubes
SWBM-250-290mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 250-290mm OD tubes
SWBM-290-340mm Starwave Bahtinov Mask to fit 290-340mm OD tubes

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