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Altair Hypercam 183C V2 USB3.0 Colour Deepsky Imaging / EAA Camera


Quick Overview

The Altair Altair Hypercam 183C V2 USB3.0 Colour Deepsky Imaging / EAA Camera is an affordable high speed astro imaging camera which we at Telescope House think represents extremely good value for money.

The new Version 2 camera has the following new features:

20mp resolution SONY Exmor R Back Side Illuminated IMX183 CMOS sensor
5440 x 3648 active pixels in a 13x9mm 16mm diagonal array (16.05mm x 12.61mm physical sensor size).
Temperature sensor, with data available in realtime.
ROI (Region of Interest) for cropped higher speed solar, lunar and planetary imaging.
4K Mode (cropped).
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Featuring a very low noise 20mp Back-illuminated Sony CMOS colour sensor, ultra high speed USB3.0 chipset for high framerate imaging and active cooling of the onboard electronics, the Altair Hypercam 183C V2 USB3.0 Colour Deepsky Imaging / EAA Camera is sure to win fans the world over. It is a sensibly-priced system, especially when compared to the cost and hassle of converting an uncooled DSLR and will ultimately produce superior results. These are proving very popular cameras, so if we are showing it as out of stock, please contact us to be put on our back orders list.


- 1" diagonal (15.86mm) SONY Exmor R Back Side Illuminated IMX183 Color CMOS sensor
- 20mp resolution with 5440 x 3648 active pixels in a 16.05mm x 12.61mm array (13mm x 9mm, active imaging area, 16mm diagonal)
- Extremely low read noise enabling deepsky lucky imaging and very smooth image quality.
- Amp glow reduction technology onboard reduces amp glow, reduces noise, and increases contrast.
- High Dynamic Range with 12 bit ADC to 16bit output .FITS files in RAW mode, for beautiful deepsky images.
- Up to 17.5 Frames per second video in full 20mp resolution.

What's in the box:

Camera body with internal cooling fan, heat-sink, and front female M42x0.75mm T-Thread interface (17.5mm backfocus).
1.8m High-speed USB3.0 cable.
1.5m ST4 guide cable.
2" OD Nosepiece with standard 2" M48x0.75mm filter thread on the front. (code ALTAIRH-2IN).
C-Mount insert ring (for C-Mount lenses requiring 17.5mm back-focus) is included.
Built-in UV-IR Blocking Filter, AR coatings. (Removable for sensor cleaning).
Plastic screw-on dust cap.
Allen key for removing the C-Thread insert.
Note: This camera does not come with software in the box. To operate the camera you will need to download the latest camera drivers at (opens new window)

Sensor & performance specifications:
ALTAIRH183C: SONY Exmor R BSI IMX183 Color CMOS sensor
Sensor Size: 1" diagonal (15.86mm)
Exposure duration shortest/longest: 0.264 ms (0.000264 secs) / 5 secs (Video Mode)
0.264 ms (0.000264 secs) / 1000 secs (Trigger Mode)
Bit depth: 8bit & 12bit mode switchable
Pixel size microns: 2.4 x 2.4 um
Resolution in pixels: 5440x3648
Recording System: Still Picture and Video
Region of Interest (ROI) support: Unavailable
Approx. Max frame rates (assuming computer Bus operating at full bandwidth)*:
8bit mode:
5440x3648 17.5FPS
2736x1824 50FPS
1824x1216 60FPS
12bit mode:
Approx. 60% ~98% of above

* Based on average user reports. May be revised as we get more data. The shorter the exposure duration, the faster the frame rate. An expensive PC does not guarantee a fast frame rate because PC bus and main board architecture vary.

Sensor QE / Quantum Efficiency:
Gain Sensitivity:
ALTAIRH183C: 462mv;
Dynamic Range:
SNR Maximum:
Readout: Progressive Scan
Shutter: Electronic Rolling Shutter

Software & OS support:

Drivers & AltairCapture software download (Windows only):
Driver support: PHD2, AltairCapture, SharpCap, (Windows DirectShow)
AltairCapture OS support: Win XP 32bit / Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10 (32 & 64 bit)
SharpCap (a 3rd party application) is also fully supported and tested with native drivers.
Firecapture (a 3rd party application) is being tested with native drivers, see latest release.
USB Port & Cable: 3.0 USB Cable, 1.8m cable
ST4 Port & Cable: Standard ST4 Opto-Isolated, 1.5m cable, iOptron, Celestron, Skywatcher SynScan GOTO.

Camera Format:

Cooling: High Performance Electronic Fan-cooling System with Heat-sink connected to sensor via cold-finger
Camera body length: 80 mm
Weight grams: 320 g (camera net weight)
Optical window can be removed:
Mono Camera: AR-coated clear protect window 350-1050nm wavelength transmission
Colour Camera: AR-coated UV/IR blocking filter 400-700nm wavelength Transmission

Back-focus & Adapter compatibility:
Optical Window is removable for cleaning.
Camera body: OD 65mm
Camera body thread: M42x0.75 T2 Thread to CS -Mount insert allows direct attachment of CS-Mount lens (or C-Mount lens with optional 5mm extension).
C-mount lens adapter 5mm extension: Optional
C-mount lens compatibility: C-Mount male threaded lens with 17.5mm back-focus (or flange-distance) requirement.
CS-mount lens compatibility: C-Mount male threaded lens with 12.5mm back-focus (or flange-distance) requirement.
Astro filter thread adapter: Included, 1.25" OD and 2” OD (optional), Female thread
Sensor surface distance from flat end of CS-mount adapter: 12.5 mm
Sensor surface distance from flat end of 1.25" / M42 Astro adapter: 37 mm

Operating environment conditions:

Power consumption: 0.905 W (standby);
1.68 W (running with Fan off);
2.525 (running with Fan on);
Max operating temp: 50 °C
Lowest operating temp: -10 °C
Max operating humidity: 80 % RH
Power source in Volts: 5V DC (via USB cable)

Windows PC Hardware Requirements:

Minimum CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
Minimum Memory: 2GB or More
USB port: USB2.0 High-speed Port or USB3.0 High-speed Port
Monitor Display: 17" or Larger
Software delivery: Downloaded online and saved to hard drive.


Protective silicon rubber end-cap for camera CS-thread.
Plastic end cap for 1.25" nosepiece.
Padded cardboard storage box with durable foam inserts

Optional Accessories:

Clear AR coated optical window;

Software delivery: Downloaded online at and saved to hard drive.
Quick Start & AltairCapture instructions: Downloaded online at and saved to hard drive.

Warranty: 2 years manufacturer warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Return to point of purchase.

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