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BRESSER PC Weather station with 6-in-1 outdoor sensor


Quick Overview

  • Weather station with possible PC connection via USB

  • Temperature, wind speed, -direction, air pressure

  • UV radiation, humidity and precipitation, moon phases

  • Base station Size: 117x189x31mm; weight: 285g

  • Incl. Base station, sensor w. mounting material, USB cable

  • Compact 6-in-1 multifunction outdoor sensor

  • Extensive measurement and history data display

  • alarm function, weather forecast for 24 hours

  • PC time synchronization

  • LED backlight

For Full Manual click here.

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This BRESSER PC weather station with a 6-in-1 external sensor combines a modern display with comprehensive weather information. The weather station can be connected to your PC via USB cable, so you always have an overview of all weather data. You can even share your locally collected weather data via web services. The weather station contains a compact 6-in-1 multifunction outdoor sensor, which you can attach and set up almost anywhere with the supplied mounting material. The outdoor sensor and base station are powered by batteries (batteries not included) or USB cable (base station only).

The 6-in-1 multisensor with a transmission range of 50-100 m provides you with precise measurements of indoor and outdoor temperature, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure as well as UV measurement at the weather station. The numerous collected measured values can be monitored at any time on the display of the weather station with LED backlight. In addition, the station also displays other measured values such as humidity and precipitation on the clear display. For those who also want to know data about the moon, the weather station displays the different phases of the moon. In addition to the extensive measured values, the station also has a history data view, which you can use to check past weather data. With the collected measurements, the weather station also informs you of weather forecasts for the next 12-24 hours. This means that you are already perfectly prepared for the coming weather one day in advance. The date and time, which is always synchronised via the PC, is also displayed. In addition, the weather station has an alarm function to wake you up on time.


Compact 6-in-1 outdoor sensor
Can be connected via USB cable
Comprehensive measurement and history data view
Weather forecast for the next 12 - 24 hours
Temperature, wind speed, wind direction
Air pressure, UV measurement, humidity, precipitation
Moon phases
Wake-up/alarm function
PC time synchronization
LED backlight
Mounting material for multisensor
Base station Dimensions: 117 x 189 x 31 mm; Weight: 285 g


Base station
Multisensor with mounting material
USB cable

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