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High-quality illuminated reticle finder with adjustable brightness for easy finding of astronomical objects
77.00 £ *
Portable travel telescope set with modularly expandable AP mount, STARBOOK ONE control, APP-TL130 tripod, eyepieces and SD 81S II APO refractor telescope
2,799.00 £ *
Perfect for storing and transporting the BT125 and BT126 Astro-binoculars and accessories
442.00 £ *
Telescope in perfect balance - with the universal dovetail adapter
84.00 £ *
Vixen Nature Eye 50/360 AZ1 Telescope
Entry level telescope for moon and earth observation
46.00 £ 22.99 £ * Shipping Weight 2.5 kg
High-quality versatile mobile phone holder for photographing with the smartphone camera through the eyepiece of an optical device such as a telescope, microscope, binoculars, and other devices
93.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.235 kg
Upgrade kit for the AP mount. Converts into a small, powerful star tracker for mobile use and air travel.
278.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1 kg
Vixen AXJ GoTo Mount with Star Book Ten Controller
Made in Japan, the AXJ GoTo mount was developed for professional applications and combines precision with the latest STARBOOK TEN computer control technology.
7,070.00 £ 5,655.99 £ *


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