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Hochwertiger Leuchtpunktsucher mit regelbarer Helligkeit zum leichten Auffinden von astronomischen Objekten
77.00 £ *
Portable travel telescope set with modularly expandable AP mount, STARBOOK ONE control, APP-TL130 tripod, eyepieces and SD 81S II APO refractor telescope
2,799.00 £ *
Perfekt für Aufbewahrung und Transport der BT125 sowie BT126 Astro-Großferngläser und das Zubehör
442.00 £ *
Telescope in perfect balance - with the universal dovetail adapter
84.00 £ *
Entry level telescope for moon and earth observation
46.00 £ * Shipping Weight 2.5 kg
Hochwertige Vielseitig einsetzbare Handyhalterung zum Fotografieren mit der Smartphone-Kamera durch das Okular eines optischen Geräts wie z.B. Teleskop, Mikroskop, Ferngals und weitere Gräte
93.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.235 kg
Upgrade kit for the AP mount. Converts into a small, powerful star tracker for mobile use and air travel.
278.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1 kg
Made in Japan, the AXJ GoTo mount was developed for professional applications and combines precision with the latest STARBOOK TEN computer control technology.
7,070.00 £ *
Shutter cable for time-lapse recording with the POLARIE U Star Tracker
16.00 £ *
Sehr hochwertiges 130-mm-Spiegelteleskop für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene mit benutzerfreundlicher Montierung, Stativ und umfangreichem Zubehör
565.00 £ * Shipping Weight 12 kg
37.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.25 kg
The Vixen POLARIE U Star Tracker allows you to take sharp and precise photographs of stars and the night sky, and is perfect for air travel thanks to its lightweight design
565.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1 kg
Robuste, sehr schwingungsarme Teleskopsäule zur dauerhaften Montage
1,790.00 £ *
The SLV eyepieces with high-quality lanthanum glass provide remarkably clear and high-contrast stellar images right to the edge
134.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.196 kg
Gegengewichtsstange zum Ausbalancieren des AP Photoguiders, der POLARIE oder des POLARIE U Star Trackers mit entsprechenden Vixen Gegengewichten
49.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.357 kg
The Vixen SD Reducer HD Kit enables an ultra-sharp image over the entire field of view of the DSLR full-frame camera and includes reducer and flattener for demanding photographers.
470.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.558 kg
This reducer reduces the focal length of your telescope to 1278 mm and allows a faster aperture ratio of f6.4
235.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.158 kg
Extra lightweight and durable storage case
565.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.39 kg
The A70Lf refractor is the perfect entry-level telescope for beginner astronomers and offers an outstanding price/performance ratio with excellent imaging properties
216.00 £ *
Feinjustageeinheit zur exakten Polausrichtung am AP und Polarie Star Tracker
140.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.42 kg
Can be used on SXW, SXD and SXD2 mounts. Replaces a defective declination clamp.
272.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.5 kg
Leichtes, ergonomisches Fernglas mit Bildstabilisator und sehr großem Vibrationskorrekturwinkel von ± 3 Grad sowie langer Betriebsdauer von 12 Stunden
678.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.8 kg
​High quality SD field flattener HD kit for the Vixen ED and SD refractor telescopes
282.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.333 kg
Das SLV-Okular mit hochwertigem Lanthan-Glas liefert bemerkenswert klare und kontrastreiche Sternabbildungen bis zum Rand.
134.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.191 kg
NPL eyepieces offer an outstanding price/performance ratio as well as excellent colour correction, contrast and sharpness.
56.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.153 kg
Complete telescope set with all essential accessories and modern STARBOOK TEN computer control system, which features more than 272,000 preinstalled objects
7,746.00 £ *
This adapter ring enables you to take colour and nebula filters with M48 and M52 thread
52.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.1 kg
The R200SS Newton reflector is a fast f4 astrophotography device that delivers fast photographic results, and features a specially coated mirror for maximum accuracy.
1,696.00 £ *
Lichtstarkes und transportables Reflektor-Teleskop für Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene
282.00 £ * Shipping Weight 20 kg
12.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.02 kg
46.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.6 kg
30.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.16 kg
Hochwertiger Aluminium-Tragegriff für verschiedene Vixen Teleskope mit 1/4-Zollschraube zur Stativkopf- und Kamera-Montage
33.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.252 kg
The FL55ss is a high-performance, top-of-the-range fluorite apochromat that produces razor-sharp images of the night sky. Thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight design, it is the perfect travel companion for demanding astronomers.
1,055.00 £ * Shipping Weight 1.86 kg
The SLV eyepieces with high-quality lanthanum glass provide remarkably clear and high-contrast images of the night sky right to the edge of the field of view.
134.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.193 kg
High quality ED refractor with 80 mm opening, flip mirror and transport case for discerning observers.
1,046.00 £ *
Sehr stabiles Teleskop-Stativ für die AXD und AXD2 Montierungen von Vixen
1,508.00 £ * Shipping Weight 11.92 kg
Offers practical storage space for eyepieces and various accessories
27.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.48 kg
T-ring for connecting Canon EOS cameras to microscopes, telescopes and T2 lenses using an additional camera adapter
26.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.1 kg
NPL eyepieces offer an outstanding price/performance ratio as well as excellent colour correction, contrast and sharpness.
58.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.15 kg
Extends the AP Photoguider to an EQ mount
118.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.5 kg
Practical bag that securely stores an extra photo lens, the Polarie U mount, battery packs or other accessories close at hand
30.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.3 kg
T-ring for connecting Pentax K, Ricoh and Cosina cameras to a camera adapter
26.00 £ * Shipping Weight 0.1 kg


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