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Online Catalogue |  Telescopes

Beginners Telescopes UK/ Entry Level

The Telescopes in this section are great beginner's telescopes and will provide the perfect introduction to the fascinating hobby of Astronomy. All the instruments will show detail on the Moon and Planets as well as brighter deep sky objects beyond our Solar System

Telescopes By Brand

Telescope House offer telescopes by Meade, Celestron, Revelation, Orion USA, Bresser, Skywatcher, Vixen, Explore Scientific & others in a huge range of designs and specifications. If you are looking for a particular telescope not found in this section, we would be happy to try and source it for you - please contact us on 01342 837 610 for special order options.

Telescopes By Price

In this section, we present our entire range of Telescopes, from beginner's to expert level, by price banding.

Meade LX90 Telescopes

GPS-enabled, dual fork-mounted, fully Goto computerised SCT and ACF telescopes - the Meade LX90 range offer fanstastic value for money and more portable options than the flagship LX200 range. Once aligned, the LX90 will guide you through 30000+ objects and show you the best that the Universe has to offer.

Meade LX200 Telescopes

The LX200 has long been the flagship of the Meade range. Now available exclusively with Meade's class-leading ACF (Advanced Coma-Free) optics, the LX200 comes in multiple configurations: from the portable 8 and 10-inch, to the larger 12 and 14-inch verions, to the ultimate Observatory-class 16-inch.

Meade Series 6000 Triplet Refractors

New from Meade are these fantastic 6000 Series Triplet Apo Refractors. Equally excellent for both visual astronomy and astrophotography, these refractors continue Meade's tradition of bringing the ultimate in optical quality to the mass market.

Meade LX600 Telescopes

Telescope House present the Meade LX600 range: new 10, 12, 14 and 16-inch f/8 ACF fork-mounted telescopes with integrated Starlock technology ensuring extreme pointing and guiding accuracy, with a fully automated Lightswitch-style alignment routine. With the LX600, Meade have, yet again, pushed the boundaries of manufacturing technology to take amateur astronomy and astrophotography to a new level of convenience, quality and precision.

Revelation Telecopes

Revelation Telescopes are high quality, well engineered optical systems all built to exacting standards. Available in Ritchey Chretien, Newtonian and Refractor configurations these instruments have multiple uses: many are ideal for visual observation, photography and guiding, whilst some lend themselves more specifically to imaging. There's a Revelation telescope for every purpose! These instruments are practically designed to give the user great value and will provide the owner with a lifetime of satisfaction and performance.

Entry Level Computerised Telescopes

Entry level telescopes with the benefit of fully automated goto meaning you can be viewing objects in the night sky on your first night. Each model in this range will have the ability to find and track objects and do not require connection to a PC


The intermediate section contains a wide range of instruments for the Astronomer who wants a serious Telescope capable of resolving fine detail visually along with many models offering superb results for the Astro Imager

Dobsonian Telescopes

It's not just a big telescope. It's a big telescope that goes anywhere. The New generation Dobsonians offer you great portability and large aperture optics.


This category contains the ultimate instruments for advanced imaging and visual applications, many models found here have been used for serious research by amateurs and professional institutions including nova and minor planet discoveries

Explore Scientific

Explore Scientific are one of the companies owned by JOC, a leader in Asia's optoelectronic field. Their high-quality optical instruments are designed and manufactured at JOC's own facilities in China, one in Guangzhou, and the other in Kunming. Established in 1997 they manufacture a full range of telescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes as well as a host of other precision optical products.

Meade LT and LS Telescopes

Telescope House are pleased to announce the Meade LS with it's groundbreaking technology. Building on the popularity of Meade’s ETX series telescopes, the new LS’ innovative LightSwitch Technology alignment system eliminates the frustration experienced by users when aligning traditional telescopes, as it automatically aligns itself, at the flip of a switch, for optimum night sky viewing.

Meade LX80 and LX850 Mounts and Telescopes

First, let me tell you about the LX80™ Multi-Mount. This very unique mount permits several modes of operation, including German Equatorial, Alt-Azimuth and Dual OTA configurations. This means that you are getting all three types of mount but purchasing just one!

If any of you fall into the serious Astro-photographer bracket there is something special for you! In addition to the new LX80™ Multi-Mount, Meade have also introduced the LX850™ with Starlock™ German Equatorial Mount. This mount is capable of carrying a 90 lb payload, featuring full-time automatic guiding with LS enabled high-precision pointing. Complimenting this is a new range of f/8 ACF optical tubes in 10", 12", and 14" aperture with an optional large format f/5 focal reducer/field flattener. A 130mm Series 6000 APO with 3" focuser is also available, or of course you can opt for the mount only.

Online Catalogue |  Telescopes

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