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TeleVue Eyepieces

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TeleVue DeLite

The latest in TeleVue's proud tradition of eyepiece development: the TeleVue DeLite range. Featuring focal lengths of 7, 11 and 18.2mm focal lengths, these eyepieces boast 62 degree fields of view and an impressive 20mm eyerelief across the range. They are described by TeleVue themselves thus, "Just as Delos eyepieces were developed based on Tele Vue's Ethos eyepiece design advancements, DeLite is the logical step toward a smaller, more economical and lightweight version of Delos. The 62° apparent field DeLite retains the pure optical quality of Delos along with 20mm eye-relief, unique sliding, locking eyeguard, and is Dioptrx-ready"

TeleVue Eyepiece Accessories

TeleVue offer numerous accessories to enhance the use of a large number of their excellent eyepieces.

TeleVue Ethos

The Ultimate eyepiece: the TeleVue Ethos 100-degree plus designs, all built with TeleVue's legendary eye for detail and quality.

TeleVue Delos

Building on the success of the amazing Ethos range of eyepieces, TeleVue have produced the new Delos design. The Televue Delos is available in 3.5mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 17.3mm focal lengths. Delivering the kind of optical and ergonomic excellence you would expect from a company of TeleVue's calibre, the Delos series provide a pin-sharp edge-to-edge 72-degree field of view and 20mm eye relief.

TeleVue Naglers

Al Nagler designed an eyepiece sufficiently radical that I dared attach my name to it - the Nagler which offers "spacewalk" views with large 82 degree fields of view. From 2.5mm to 31mm focal lengths for all visual applications.

TeleVue Radians

TeleVue Radian eyepieces have six or seven lens elements, depending on the focal length. The Radians are designed for medium to high power use down to f/4 with any type of telescope

TeleVue Panoptics

The Tack-Sharp, Long Eye-Relief 68 degree Field Eyepiece, Tele Vue has taken the Wide-Field concept to Nagler-like performance levels - A meaningful advance over any eyepiece in its 68 degree field class

TeleVue Plossls

TeleVue Plossls are the Cornerstone of Tele Vue's Reputation. Since we introduced our Plössls in 1980, they have won praise and patents, including a patent in Japan with generous 50 degree fields of view and good eye relief

TeleVue Zooms

Superb zooms from TeleVue for all types of high power planetary observing, all with TeleVue 100% quality control.

Online Catalogue | Eyepieces |  TeleVue Eyepieces

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