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Meade Telescopes

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Meade OTAs

Meade Telescopes are rightly famed for their optical excellence, quality of construction and ease of use. In this section, we list the best of Meade's telescopes as optical tubes only, including the well loved f/10 SCTs and the modern f/8 ACF systems.

Meade LX600 Telescopes

Telescope House, as UK importers of Meade Instruments, are proud to announce the forthcoming Meade LX600 range: new 10, 12, 14 and 16-inch f/8 ACF fork-mounted telescopes with integrated Starlock technology ensuring extreme pointing and guiding accuracy, with a fully automated Lightswitch-style alignment routine. With the LX600, Meade have, yet again, pushed the boundaries of manufacturing technology to take amateur astronomy and astrophotography to a new level of convenience, quality and precision.

Meade LX850

Featuring the Meade Starlock sub-telescope system for self-alignment and integrated autoguiding, the Meade LX850 is the most sophisticated portable german goto equatorial on the market today and designed with astrophotography in mind. Available in several configurations from Telescope House, including the stunning new f/8 Ritchey Chretien ACF Cassegrains and the excellent Meade Series 6000 Apo Triplet refractors.

Meade StarNavigator Telescopes

Meade Starnavigator Telescopes are excellent value-for-money Audiostar- equipped Alt/Az Goto packages, coming with everything you need to get you up and running. After a straightforward set-up and alignment routine, these instruments - be they in the 102mm Achromatic Refractor or the 130mm Newtonian Reflector form - will show you the best the skies have to offer. The Audiostar handset even has built-in "Astronomer Inside" audio commentary, to let you know all about the fascinating objects you are observing!

Meade ETX Telescopes

The Meade ETX Telescope range consists of the hugely portable Meade ETX80 3-inch f/5 Goto Refractor in both Tabletop and Backpack Versions, and the much-loved ETX90 and ETX 125 3.5-inch and 5-inch Goto Maksutov Cassegrains - renowned for their optical excellence, with planetary performance matching many high-end Apo refractors. The ETX range is powered by the Meade Autostar Handset, containing all the major planetary and deep sky targets and thousands more. Set-up, align, observe - with the ETX, astronomy is as simple as that.

Meade Lightbridge Dobsonians

Meade Lightbridge Dobsonians have the distinction of being amongst the best made and most portable telescopes of their kind on the market today. The innovative truss-tube design of the Lightbridge is incredibly resistant to flexture, yet can quickly disassemble for ease of storage and transportation - meaning you can have a large, go-anywhere Deep Sky-optimised telescope in the boot of your car at a moment's notice. Optically excellent, mechanically sound, the Lightbridge is a simple-to-operate scope for those who want to reach a bit deeper! Available in 10,12 and 16-inch configurations.

Meade LS Telescopes

The Meade LS Telescope, incorporating ground-breaking Lightswitch Technology (featuring built-in GPS and an alignment camera), is quite simply the most advanced, completely self-aligning Goto system available to amateur astronomers today. With ACF (Advanced Coma Free) Optics, an all-metal drive-train, a substantially-engineeed single fork mount, a 30000+ object database, crammed with useful astronomical multimedia presentations, the LS is undeniably a class apart.

Meade LT Telescopes

The Meade LT Telescopes are stripped-down versions of the amazing Lightswitch LS scopes, still featuring the class leading 6 and 8-inch ACF Advanced Coma Free optics, rugged single fork mounts (that leave competing products distinctly in the shade) and the fully Computerised Goto Audiostar system with 30000+ object database. The LT, whilst not featuring the LS GPS-enabled self-alignment system, can be simply aligned by the user and is ready to observe in a matter of minutes.

Meade LX80 Telescopes

The Meade LX80 series of telescopes are complete Goto systems capable of operating in dual and single Alt/Az mode for visual astronomy and planetary and lunar imaging and also single OTA-mounted German Equatorial mode, for more advanced observing.

Meade Series 6000 Triplet Refractors

New from Meade are these fantastic 6000 Series Triplet Apo Refractors. Equally excellent for both visual astronomy and astrophotography, these refractors continue Meade's tradition of bringing the ultimate in optical quality to the mass market.

Meade LX90 Telescopes

GPS-enabled, dual fork-mounted, fully Goto computerised SCT and ACF telescopes - the Meade LX90 range offer fanstastic value for money and more portable options than the flagship LX200 range. Once aligned, the LX90 will guide you through 30000+ objects and show you the best that the Universe has to offer.

Meade LX200 Telescopes

The LX200 has long been the flagship of the Meade range. Now available exclusively with Meade's class-leading ACF (Advanced Coma-Free) optics, the LX200 comes in multiple configurations: from the portable 8 and 10-inch, to the larger 12 and 14-inch verions, to the ultimate Observatory-class 16-inch.

Meade MAX2 20-inch (f/8) ACF Telescopes on MAXII Robotic GEM

The Meade MAXII Mounts and the MAX2 20-inch (f/8) ACF carbon fibre OTA that sits upon it represent the pinnacle of Meade Instruments quest for excellence in both the Optical and Mechanical fields. This Observatory-class system is the most advanced that Meade have ever designed.

Meade Starter Telescopes

Meade Instruments have amongst their range some of the best value starter telescopes available. Available in both Achromatic Refractor or Newtonian Reflector designs on either simple Alt/Az or more refined Equatorial Mounts, there is a Meade for every budget and level of interest.

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